10 Podcasts for Self-Care

Jul 21, 2019 | Nest News, News - Featured, Trending

Whether you’re looking to de-stress and boost your mood or get a quick financial literacy lesson in, thanks to podcasts, you can accomplish all of this on the go. Podcasts are like the new talk radio – except about specific topics, recorded by experts or just passionate, knowledgeable people. Podcasts on almost every subject can be found on many streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, or even the Podcast app already loaded onto your iPhone.

What are you waiting for? Plug in, listen up, wind down.

Meditation/Stress – Untangle

This podcast comes from the creators at the Meditation Studio app, and it’s all about lowering your stress levels, slowing down, and creating a feeling of calm when you need it most. Focusing on creating a meaningful life, this podcast could be the de-stress solution you’ve been looking for. It also is a fantastic learning tool for those new to meditation.

Your Best Self – Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

If the title wasn’t enough to soothe you already, the stimulating yet enlightening conversations had on this podcast will. She interviews everyone from spiritual experts to best-selling authors to guide you through life’s big questions and help you take steps to become the best person possible.

Mental Health – Mental Illness Happy Hour

Comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts this weekly podcast with different guests such as artists, doctors and colleagues about their experience (or expertise) when it comes to mental health issues. Depression, addiction, anxiety and more are discussed and especially how the affect people working in the creative field.

Discovery – Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain is apart of the National Public Radio (NPR) family of podcast and was named one of Apple’s Most Downloaded Shows of 2018. This falls more under the science and medicine family where listeners take a scientific look into the patterns and behaviors of people and why we do what we do. It’ll help you understand the world a little more – as well as yourself.

Motivation – Art of Charm

This podcast focuses not only on inspiring listeners to accomplish goals and becoming your best self, but primarily improving your relationship with others. It’ll assist on how to be better with people and have more effective connections, with topics like “What Matters Most in a Difficult Conversation” and “Improve Workplace Communication”. Covering many communication fronts, this one is great if you’re looking to change the way you view your relationships.

Financial Motivation – The Dave Ramsey Show

If you’re looking to improve your financial literacy in an incredibly easy way, Dave Ramsey’s advice will help. People have their strong opinions about whether his methods work, but you don’t necessarily have to follow his methods, but a general guide on how to care for your finances. With topics from credit, first time homebuyers and long-term wealth, he makes financial stability seem not so overwhelming.

Motivation – The Gary Vee Audio Experience

If you’re looking for something to make you feel motivated to accomplish goals, Gary Vee is one of the top listened to podcasts on Apple & Spotify. He’s now become a bit of a household name – he’s a CEO, public speaker and investor. Some other podcasts butter-up the lessons, and Gary tells you straight up how to succeed and what you really need to do. The main focus is instructing the listener on how to succeed in everything you put your mind to, with a little help from your favourite celebrities and notable thinkers.

Sleeping – Sleep with Me

Sleep with Me is a podcast described as “bedtime stories for adults”. The host of the show, Drew Ackerman has struggled with Insomnia all his life. His monotone, soothing voice talks over a one to two-hour episode telling stories or his daily happenings. It’s meant “not to be listened to” but to feel as though you have someone there with you as you fall asleep.

Fitness/Working Out – Strength & Scotch

This podcast features training advice with a side of humor. Hosted by two real-life fitness coaches, they use their experience and expertise to discuss the latest workout and diet trends, as well as popular topics in the fitness world, including training advice.

General Self-Care – Selfie

Hosted by psychotherapist Kristen Howerton and blogger Sarah James, they discuss healthier approaches to our everyday lives. They bring together both social and scientific research in conversations about finding better (and more realistic) ways to care about your mind, body and spirit. It’s easy to listen to, refreshing, and extremely relatable.

We hope this list of podcasts finds you well, and you learned something about taking care of you, in a whole new way.

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