How to Shop Online for Medical Cannabis

5 Tips For A Better Peace Naturals Shopping Experience

Nov 28, 2016

Our new online shopping experience makes life a little easier when purchasing Peace Naturals medical Cannabis. It’s easy to navigate with accurate product descriptions and a simple checkout procedure, however we created these 5 tips to enhance your experience.


1. Online Safety

The Peace Naturals online client shopping experience has all the necessary security protocols to keep your medical Cannabis transaction secure. For your own personal online security please use a unique password containing numbers and letters. Never shop online using a public wifi, such as a library or a coffee shop, as security risks for someone digitally stealing your personal information is much greater.


2. Make a List

Track the Peace Naturals medical Cannabis products that are effective for you, to guide you in making future purchases. A few words, a  number value, having a reference to refer to when shopping will make your life a bit easier. Make your Peace Naturals medicinal Cannabis shopping list before you login into our new client shopping experience.


3. Put Something in the Cart and Leave It There

Unsure about your medical Cannabis purchase? You may put your purchase in the shopping cart and leave it. Comeback to the shopping portal when you feel certain about your purchase and it’ll be waiting for you in the shopping cart for easy check out or removal. Orders that are not placed immediately will remain active in your cart for 60 minutes before the product is returned to inventory.


4. Read Reviews but with a Grain of Salt

Peace Naturals medical Cannabis products are reviewed by our clients on numerous websites. These medical Cannabis reviews may prove helpful when making a purchase. However, Cannabis reviews are personal experience and may not be accurate to your own experience. Reviews that are several years old are not helpful compared to something posted more recently.


5. Write Down Your Reset Dates

Our new online shopping experience has your prescription reset information right at your fingertips. Add the reset date to your personal calendar to assist in tracking your medical Cannabis consumption, knowing accurately when you can re-order can help you to create a financial budget.

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