Maintaining Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Exercise  

5 Tips To Maintaining Mental Health

May 6, 2016

All week we’ve promoted maintaining mental health just as we would our physical health. Today is the last day of Mental Health Week 2016 and we’re offering five more tips to help you maintain mental health. The week is over, but these tips could be bookmarked and referred back too. 

Develop Coping Skills For Negative Thoughts And Stress  Coping skills for negative thoughts and stress are very important. Develop a few go to skills when negative thoughts or stress creeps in. Repeat these skills until they become regular and habit forming. Chronic pain makes it easier for negativity to set in, making it even more important we develop skills to stay positive.

Treat Yourself However you choose to treat yourself, it’s important to take time to spoil yourself. Treating yourself doesn’t have to break your household budget. It can be a walk in the park, spending time with a book under a tree, a visit to a plant nursery, taking a long hot bubble bath with one dollar tea lights, the activity isn’t important. The important thing is to take time to treat yourself.

Collect Positive Emotional Moments On A Pinboard Posting your positive moments on social media doesn’t have the same impact as pinning them to a board or collecting them in a journal. Pin your personal successes, photographs, found positive words of inspiration, on a board where you can see it often. Easy visual referral is key to a positive moments board. The pinning process is crafty and will train your brain to seek out positive visual ques. The internet savvy use Pinterest.

Enjoy Hobbies And Contribute To Your Community Hobbies are a wonderful way to maintain mental health. Explore a new activity, spark up an old one or become even more involved in a current one. Many hobbies are excellent way to involve yourself in a community. Not sure where to start, the library, community listings or social networks are great place to discover new hobbies.

Rest Refresh and Challenge Yourself No doubt a restful night’s sleep is important. However, taking time throughout the day to refresh is just as important to a good night’s sleep. A refresh can be 20 minutes with your feet up on a couch in the middle of your workday. Can’t find a workplace couch, spend twenty minutes daydreaming at your desk. Well rested people can challenge themselves in the workplace and at home. 

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