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About Cannabis Limonene Terpene

Feb 10, 2017

Taking its name from lemons, the limonene terpene is easy to detect in medical Cannabis because it’s commonly associated with citrus fruit.

It’s potential to be an all natural cleaner or as a scent in cleaning products comes from scientists ability to extract the terpene from fruit rinds. This process makes it available in abundance, making limonene as a “go to” terpene for cleaning products.

Unfortunately, the limonene terpene isn’t commonly found in Cannabis, but Peace Naturals does offer dried Cannabis products featuring limonene terpene. Limonene maybe be discovered in trace amounts in some varieties, but rarely does this Cannabis terpene exceed one to two percent per volume.

Research into the limonene terpene is limited, but it’s suggested in Effects of citrus fragrance on immune function and depressive states this terpene maybe responsible for elevating mood and stress relief. The limonene terpene is more often associated with sativa Cannabis plants than indica Cannabis plants.

People employing Cannabis as adjunct therapy for mood elevation often select sativa Cannabis products, but may also want to consider Cannabis varieties with the limonene terpene. Peace Naturals provides our patients with terpene profiles because our strong belief in the entourage effect.

To experience just the limonene terpene in your medical Cannabis set your vaporizer to 176°C. The terpene boils off at a lower temperature than THC, which boils off at 191°C.

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