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Welcome to Peace Naturals.

Peace has always been committed to providing high-quality medicinal cannabis since the company was founded in 2013. We were the first non-incumbent company to be granted a medical cannabis production license by Health Canada, and we were also the first group licensed to sell medicinal cannabis oils (under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations or ACMPR).

Recently the company has been growing quickly to meet the needs of clients across Canada and abroad. Our latest expansion includes one of the largest indoor, purpose-built facilities in the industry, as well as a custom-built extraction lab that will enable us to increase our supply without ever compromising our product quality.

Safety is our number one concern, and we publish third-party lab results for every product we offer. Our facilities are “Good Manufacturing Practice” certified, and we ensure that our extracts never contain any harmful solvents or by-products.

Peace’s Client Care team is passionate about personalized attention for clients, and we understand that each individual has unique needs. Our goal is to improve the lives of others, one client at a time.

If you are interested in registering with Peace Naturals, our team will be happy to walk you through the process.

State of the art
and purpose built
Our facilities are designed for
The New Cannabis in Canada
Our manufacturing facilities have been designed from the ground up to optimize our production. We've taken our expertise with cannabis and merged it with our understanding of manufacturing logistics to create a controlled, sanitary environment.
Mother Nature
Bringing the best of outside, inside Natural manufacturing methods bringing the best of outside, inside “At Peace Naturals we combine our passion with cutting edge science and the newest technologies, enabling us to harness the power of nature; the result is the purest, highest quality medical cannabis available.” Dr. Lasse Schulze – Director of R&D and Horticulture
Selecting the Right Genetics Offering a variety of medicinal profiles Our genetic library begins with premium seeds coupled with a selective breeding program. The Peace R&D group then develops these genetics further into unique varieties to address the specific needs of our clients. Finally, we use client feedback to refine our assortment. Achieving
Standardizing the quality of our medical cannabis When a client finds a product working well for them, we do our best to make sure the results are the same from batch-to-batch. We grow from clones rather than seeds and we maintain strict environmental controls and procedures catering to individual cannabis varieties.
Plant Care
Making sure we monitor each individual plant every day We provide focused attention to each plant daily. Using this approach, we are able to deliver high quality medicinal cannabis products to our clients.
Quality Assurance & Quality Control Standard Operating Procedures Our Quality Assurance managers are involved in each step of the process overseeing daily operations to ensure that we follow strict Standard Operating Procedures at all times. Finishing
with Care
Processing by hand with a sommelier-style approach Our Finishing and Packaging team is responsible for the final step in the process before our medical cannabis is packaged for sale. Our packaging is done by hand, not machine, as we take extra care to be certain we meet our clients' expectations.
Strict 3rd Party Product Testing Each batch is tested to ensure, quality and safety Rest assured, your medicine from Peace Naturals is safe and clean. We use an accredited 3rd party laboratory to test each batch of dried cannabis and cannabis oil against our strict guidelines for microbials, heavy metals and any other potentially harmful components. Our products are only made available to clients when they meet our release criteria, and we publish our 3rd party lab reports online. Safe & Secure Packaging Child resistant, tamper evident and discreet solutions Our purchasing team has found local manufacturers who provide us with stable, medicine grade packaging solutions that are certified child resistant, tamper evident and odour eliminating. Your medicinal cannabis product will arrive discreetly.

Questions? Contact our Client Care team.

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