Best practices on how to select a medicinal Cannabis vaporizer

How To Select a Medicinal Cannabis Vaporizer

Jul 6, 2016

Understanding how to select the right medicinal Cannabis vaporizer will help you when it comes to making the proper purchase for your needs. There are vaporizers for every budget and use, but like any product, some are better than others. These How-To tips provided by our friends at Toronto Vaporizer are geared to assist you when it comes to purchasing your vaporizer.

Functionality is the biggest difference in models. With more expensive designs having more bells and whistles then more economical models, which have less features, but may work (depending on model) just as well. The biggest difference between models is the quality of the heating element. Given this is the most important (think car engine) part of their design, pay extra attention here.

There are many different medicinal Cannabis vaporizer designs, but the general features they all have in common are:

  • A heating element
  • A heating chamber (where your medicinal Cannabis is placed)
  • Vapour pathways and mouthpieces
  • Batteries or a power supply
  • A power button

Optional vaporizer features you may want to look for include:

  • Temperature controls (highly recommended by Peace Naturals)
  • Removable batteries
  • Pass-through charging (this allows portables to be used while charging)
  • Multiple mouthpiece styles (desktop vaporizers can have whips and/or balloons)
  • Higher-quality materials

Portable Or Stationary Medicinal Cannabis Vaporizer?
You have two options when it comes to vaporizers, portable or stationary. Each option has different strengths and weaknesses. You can think of portable units like a laptop and stationary or desktop units like a home computer.

Portable vaporizers are powered by batteries and can be used outdoors or in. Note, Peace Naturals clients need to bring their medicinal Cannabis container with them if they choose to medicate outdoors with their portable vaporizer. The container is the legal prescription, not your Peace Naturals membership card.

Some medicinal Cannabis vaporizers are large and designed more for around-the-house usage, like the Arizer Solo, while others are compact and great for taking with you throughout the day or on trips, like the Utillian 720While portable vaporizers like the Zeus Smite offer exceptional convenience because of their battery life and reliability, stationary vaporizers tend to deliver higher vapour quality and more vapour per session because of their larger heating chambers.

When mobility isn’t a concern, extra space can be devoted to sophisticated designs for more efficient heating and extraction. If you primarily consume your medicinal Cannabis in one location, such as the living room at home, a stationary vaporizer may be a great option for you.

How Much Is a Vaporizer?
There are vaporizers available for every budget. Economical options are available for under $150 or less, while high-end units like the Volcano can cost over $500. A budget of about $300 can easily afford a mid range unit, which will be almost as fantastic as a high priced one. If you decide this is something you want to try, take the time to research and review all the options at your disposal to make sure you end up with one that will work for your needs.

When considering the expense, remember to ask these questions and factor their answers into your buy medicinal Cannabis vaporizer decision. They can make a big difference in the amount you spend over the long term:

  • How long is the warranty and who covers it?
  • Are there parts that will need regularly replaced?
  • Is this model known for durability or will it need replaced in a couple years?

Save Money By Using Less Medicinal Cannabis
Many vaporizer aficionados report using less medicinal Cannabis because the proper heating temperature from their vaporizer ensures they’re only using what they need and not losing valuable cannabinoids by overheating their Peace Naturals product. By using less medicinal Cannabis (while achieving the same results as smoking) these aficionados claim they are saving money because they purchase less. 

How To Select a Medicinal Cannabis Vaporizer Conclusion
Peace Naturals clients who medicate daily ought to consider their vaporizer an investment in their whole health. A vaporizer is a healthier alternative to smoking your medicinal Cannabis, especially when set to the proper cannabis vaporization temperature, while also potentially allowing you to use less.  

Please note only a few Cannabis vaporizers are approved medical devices by Health Canada – most are not approved and they vary wildly in quality. Do your research and consult experts such as friendly staff at Toronto Vaporizer. We recommend reading independent vaporizer reviews before making a purchase because there are many factors which are extremely important when deciding which medicinal Cannabis vaporizer is best for your needs.

Signing up with Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is easier than you think. Get started today!

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