An Introduction to Cannabis & Chronic Pain

Cannabis & Chronic Pain

Jan 18, 2017

Cannabis and chronic pain has become a more popular subject with Canadians who are seeking alternative pain management solutions. Approximately 1 – 2 percent of the adult population have chronic pain.

 A majority of Peace Naturals clients report they employ our Cannabis products to manage their chronic pain. For many, their pain is not entirely manageable with traditional treatments and they’ve registered for legal Cannabis from Health Canada’s ACMPR program.

Cannabis And Chronic Pain

Cannabis for chronic pain is one of the most common uses for whole plant medicine. Anecdotally, Cannabis has been used for pain relief for thousands of years, but the scientific evidence of its efficacy remains limited.

McGill University’s Dr. Mark Ware has initiated research into Cannabis for chronic pain relief and the findings thus far are promising. The study demonstrated people found relief employing Cannabis as adjunct therapy.

Research into Cannabis and chronic pain is promising and with more research on the subject forthcoming, more will be learned.

The most potent Cannabis for chronic pain relief is often believed to be the ones with the highest THC. However, the entourage effect plays a role in managing chronic pain too. Finding a specific variety to manage chronic pain isn’t as easy as purchasing Cannabis with the most THC in it.

Peace Naturals clients report they employ many of our finely crafted, non irradiated Cannabis products for pain management. Our Client Care Representatives hear daily from clients about the Cannabis products working for their chronic pain and can assist in making suggestions based on other clients’ experiences.

When it comes to managing chronic pain, Cannabis is one tool in your chronic pain toolbox. There are many other tools which can be employed in conjunction with medicinal Cannabis to manage chronic pain. Develop your chronic pain toolbox by adding ideas that make your life a little better when managing your pain. 

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