One-On-One Cannabis Plant Care Involves Attentive Watering

Cannabis Plant Care

Aug 11, 2016

Peace Naturals One-On-One Cannabis plant care methods involve very attentive watering so we do not under or over water our varieties. By spending time carefully watering our Cannabis plants, we can visually inspect them for signs of too much or too little water.

Finding the perfect balance when it comes to Cannabis plant watering takes a bit of practice. Our manufacturing team has an opportunity to develop their skills daily because it’s a one of the most time consuming tasks they’re involved in.

Watering a Cannabis plant appears easy, but it’s attentive task that needs to be done properly for best results.

Before watering, manufacturing team members inspect each Cannabis plant to determine which ones are receiving water and which ones are not. During this walk through they’ll also look for potential Cannabis plant nutrient issues.

Peace Naturals has a standard operating procedure for Cannabis plant watering.  When our manufacturing team waters a plant in a seven gallon bucket, it’s watered with six to seven litres of water every time.

The team targets this amount because Peace Naturals employs a drain to waste method; this ensure at least a 10 percent runoff when we water. This runoff ensures we don’t build up excess salts in the Cannabis plant soil, which helps prevent nutrient lockup.

After the medical Cannabis plants have been watered, our Master Grower will inspect the room to assess how well the plants were watered. This follow up inspection provides further professional assessment on the plants overall health.    

Health Canada licensed producers grow their medical Cannabis varieties based on their own set of standard operating procedures. The end results vary from MMPR licensed producer to MMPR licensed producer.

Peace Naturals has developed our one-on-one plant care practices based on our own personal Cannabis growing experience. How we water our medical Cannabis plants goes a long way in creating the medicinal Cannabis that our clients rely on.

Watch the video to see how much runoff takes place.



Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is here to assist you. Register now to become a legal medical Cannabis client.

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