Maintaining an Optimum Level of Grow Room Cleanliness

Cannabis Plant Facility Cleanliness

Sep 8, 2016

Keeping our Cannabis plant grow facility clean is a serious undertaking for the Peace Naturals manufacturing team. When it comes to cleaning a room after a Cannabis harvest or while the plants are growing, our team follows Standard Operating Procedures.

Better known as an SOP, this document explains exactly what a Peace Naturals team member is to do and what cleaning supplies to use when they’re assigned the task. The SOP ensures that all of our manufacturing team is on the same page when it comes to important tasks such as the sanitation of a room after a harvest.

Maintaining cleanliness is important to the overall health of our medicinal Cannabis varieties. A clean Cannabis production facility limits potential problems, such as pests, before they arise.

Daily sanitation tasks include cleaning up any expelled Cannabis leaves that have fallen off of the plant. These leaves are a potential breeding ground for pests and they are removed from the room completely.

Team members stay on top of any potential spills that may happen during Cannabis plant watering to ensure messes or pest breeding grounds are not created.

They’ll maintain a top notch level cleanliness until the medical Cannabis plants are harvested. Then they’ll embark on a super clean up. This deep clean is all-encompassing and the amount of manual labor that goes in to making our Cannabis plant grow facility sparkle is extensive.

After the Cannabis plants have been harvested and before the next lot arrives in a room, the team will spend a day scrubbing. The walls will get scrubbed down from top to bottom. Even though they’re maintaining a clean environment, they’re required by the SOP to make it shine after harvest. Everything is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, including each individual air cooled hood. The glass containing the high pressure sodium 1000 watt bulb is also thoroughly cleaned to ensure the artificial sun rays shine through to their fullest.

Cleanliness is not the most glamorous part of growing quality medicinal Cannabis, but it’s very important to Peace Naturals One On One Plant Care strategy.

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