One On One Plant Care Involves Disposing Of Cannabis Plant

Cannabis Plant Rootball Destruction

Aug 9, 2016

The Peace Naturals manufacturing team has developed their own Cannabis plant destruction techniques to ensure we are properly following Health Canada MMPR regulations. The Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations require us to dispose of all unused Cannabis plant matter.

Our 100 acre facility located in beautiful Clearview Township provides us plenty of space to dispose of such things as Cannabis plant root balls and soil. We’ve developed the device seen in the video to quickly speed up the process of destroying Cannabis plant roots, which take on the shape of the container the plant was held in.

Until the team came up with this homemade root core device, they were destroying root balls in the labor intensive method of breaking them up by hand.

It’s still a fairly hands-on process, but at least now they can destroy the core part of the Cannabis plant root much easier than digging it out by hand. A couple twist of the root core device and they’ve easily ripped out the stronger roots before they begin breaking up the smaller fibrous roots.  

Watch the video to see this unique device in action.


Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Register with a Health Canada licensed producer is easier than you think. Peace Naturals is here to assist you become a legal medical Cannabis client. Start the registration process.

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