What are the different Cannabis plant stages?

Cannabis Plant Stages

Nov 15, 2016

There are several different stages of Cannabis plant growth. Cannabis plants may begin either as seeds or, as in the case of Peace Naturals medical Cannabis production, clones. In the early Cannabis plant stages, the plant requires more delicate attention, but by the time it finishes and ready for harvesting it’s a small, sturdy, almost tree like.

To begin, Cannabis seeds are germinated and there are numerous methods of germinating these seeds. Peace Naturals’ Master Grower refers to this as “popping seeds” because the Cannabis seeds will crack and open to release a tap root. Very carefully, these small Cannabis seedlings are placed in soil.

Peace Naturals uses clones to grow our medical Cannabis, but our mother plants are started from legally acquired Cannabis seeds. The first phase of Cannabis plant stages for clones is what our master grower refers to as “taking a clone or cutting”. Small shoots or tender branches are cut from a much larger Cannabis plant and these cuttings are placed into a humidity dome to create roots.

The Cannabis plant stage involving seedlings or clones is very delicate and extra attention is required to ensure good growth happens. Both require just the right amounts of water and light. For seedlings, the Cannabis plant stages may last one to three weeks while clones should be rooted and ready for soil in 7 – 10 days.

The Cannabis vegetative phase is determined by a Cannabis growers personal preference. A well rooted cutting can be put into Cannabis flowering within weeks while a seedling requires much more time. Peace Naturals employs a variety of different time periods for Cannabis plants in the vegetative plant cycle depending on the variety and how they are growing.

When grown indoors, the Cannabis plant is forced into the next phase by changing the light cycle from 18-6 (day-night) in the vegetative phase to a 12-12 cycle. This pushes the plant into its flowering cycle. Cannabis plants started from seed will enter a pre flowering Cannabis plant stage where they will become either male or female. Only female Cannabis plants produce medical Cannabis. Clones do not have a pre-flowering phase because they are already proven to be female.

Harvest is the final Cannabis plant stage.

On an almost weekly basis, the Peace Naturals manufacturing team is harvesting our medicinal Cannabis plants. How long a medical Cannabis plant takes to finish flowering is dependent on the variety. As a general rule sativa varieties are longer flowering than indica.

We keep our medical Cannabis varieties properly cured and we grow all of our varieties in small batches. Peace Naturals chooses what we grow based on real client feedback in order to rotate our varieties and keep things fresh. 

Start your legal medical Cannabis registration process today with Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals. Register with The Peace Naturals Project.


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