Cannabis Potency is Not all about THC Percentages

Cannabis Potency Introduction

Nov 25, 2016

Cannabis as an adjunct therapy is much more than the lab test results on the potency of THC and CBD in a particular variety. Until the launch of Health Canada’s ACMPR, Canadians didn’t know the true THC percentage of the Cannabis that they were consuming. With lab tested medical Cannabis now available, many Canadians are simply seeking the strongest Cannabis based on THC percentage alone.

It is a  common question for the Peace Naturals client care department to be asked ‘what’s the strongest Cannabis’ on our menu. This discounts the Cannabis plant’s other Cannabinoids involvement in creating Cannabis potency. These Cannabinoids also have a role in creating Cannabis potency, but THC has taken the main spotlight since the sixties. By focusing solely on THC when determining the strongest Cannabis, we’re not taking into account these cannabinoids, which are less popular.

For example, few clients are seeking the medicinal Cannabis variety with the most amount of CBN, but we know it also plays a role in Cannabis as adjunct therapy. The entourage effect suggests CBN and all the other Cannabinoids perform valuable roles in Cannabis potency.

Does a large volume of CBD count towards Cannabis potency?

While CBD is the opposite of THC, many medical Peace Naturals clients seek out medicinal Cannabis varieties with large volumes of CBD in them. Having more CBD does make these varieties more CBD potent, however, like THC focused folks, medicinal Cannabis patients seeking CBD need to consider the other cannabinoids and terpenes too.

Terpenes play an important role in Cannabis potency.

What role terpenes play we are unsure of, but research into terpenes is ongoing. We do know certain terpenes create a therapeutic effect; Myrcene for instance, is good for muscle tension, sleeplessness, sedate, relaxing.

People seeking potent Cannabis for sleeplessness might seek out a medicinal Cannabis variety loaded with Myrcene and not necessarily a variety with high amounts of THC. A variety with Myrcene may not have the most THC, but we know the terpene does play some role in sedating and relaxing people.

Medicinal Cannabis with excellent aromas may be triggering a reaction in our brains similar to how we react to the aroma of a delicious meal being prepared. An especially potent smelling variety may also have people perceive it to be more potent, though like food, this can be a very personal preference.

Cannabis Potency Conclusion

Just because one medical Cannabis variety has a different THC percentage than the other – doesn’t make it any less potent. When purchasing medicinal Cannabis, patients should be seeking a variety that has the biggest beneficial impact on their particular illness, which may not be the variety with the most THC or CBD in it.

Anecdotal feedback from fellow clients allows Peace Naturals client care representatives to make suggestions. By listening to patients experience, they can assist in sharing insight into what varieties have been known to help others. Their suggestions may not always be the Peace Naturals product with the most THC or the variety with the highest price point, but it will be the product they believe will make your life a little better.

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