Growing Medical Cannabis No Different From Other Crops

Clearview Township Farm Life

Aug 16, 2016

Growing medical Cannabis in Clearview Township has many of the same chores found on many of the farms around our community. We water plants, break up soil, and drive tractors just like our farming neighbours.

Many Canadians think a Cannabis career is an exciting occupation, but there’s more hard work taking place than excitement happening here.

Other than the type of crop Peace Naturals grows, we’re very similar to other growers in the area.

Agriculture is one of the main industries in Clearview Township; employing the 13,734 people who live in our community. Clearview is made up of the Town of Stayner, the Village of Creemore,  and the Townships of Nottawsaga and Sunnidale.

Besides Peace Naturals, Clearview Township is home to another major employer, Creemore Springs Brewery, which is located in Creemore.

While corn and other standard Ontario crops are growing in the Clearview Township fields, our medical Cannabis is grown strictly indoors under the tightest of security requirements and growing conditions.

Our facility is located on 100 acres of Clearview Township farmland, which often requires a member of our manufacturing team to drive a tractor. Tractor driving is a regular farm chore and we use ours, like many farmers, to transport heavy materials between manufacturing buildings.

Watch Peace Naturals tractor drive around our facility.


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