Indoor vs outdoor cultivation

Cultivating Medical Cannabis

Jan 29, 2014

Many of our clients have come to us asking about whether the cannabis we produce is grown outdoor or indoor. At the Peace Naturals Project we are committed to producing the most consistent and medically viable cannabis possible, and so have opted for a state of the art indoor growing facility. Below is some information regarding the differences between outdoor and indoor cultivation which will show you why we believe that indoor cultivation facilitates the best medicine for our clients.

Indoor Cultivation

Technological advances of the past 30 years have brought a revolution in the way cannabis can be grown indoors. The evolution of hydroponics, indoor organics, and UV light technology has allowed for high quality cannabis to be produced consistently and on a regular schedule.

It may be true that the space limitations of an indoor growing operation will usually produce plants with a lower overall yield than outdoor plants. Nevertheless the controlled conditions of an indoor environment allow for extremely decreased rates of contamination and illness in the plant. The indoor environment is also not subject to the changing seasons and so crops can be grown in succession.

The most important achievement of indoor cultivation is in its ability to control the consistency of the amount of medicine in a plant. We understand that our clients are looking to find the right cannabis strain to help with their specific needs, and so we are committed to growing our cannabis in an environment where the production of THC and CBD are consistent throughout generations of a given strain.

Indoor cultivation allows for greater control in the lifecycle of cannabis and thus for a more consistent end product.

Outdoor Cultivation

For thousands of years humans have been growing cannabis outdoors for use as food, cloth, and as medicine. The plant has been so readily utilized by countless civilizations because of its relative ease in growing outdoors as well as its multiplicity of benefits.

Under the correct environmental conditions, cannabis can grow quite easily outdoors. The plant matures along with the cycle of the seasons, and due to the large amount of space outdoors, will produce a rather large plant at the end of the cycle.

While the yield and relative ease of outdoor cultivation is impressive, the uncontrollable variables make it very difficult to rely on for medical purposes. Firstly, the crop is subject to any random environmental events, like flood, drought or infestation. This makes it very difficult to predict the amount of quality cannabis that will be available to our clients. Another issue is that of contamination; exposure to the elements puts the cannabis in danger of coming into contact with various moulds or pests that would severely diminish the medical efficacy of the final product. Finally, the light cycle that cannabis undergoes while growing is extremely important to the ratios of medicine that the plants produce. This means that any disturbance of the light cycle due to weather conditions would alter the medicinal quality of the plant.

A wonder plant like cannabis has been used by human civilization for countless years. In the 21st century The Peace Naturals Project has combined an ancient plant, with state of the art, indoor growing techniques, to produce the highest quality medicine, with the greatest consistency, so as to best help our clients find their own peace.

Peace Naturals is here to assist you every step in the process to becoming a Health Canada MMPR legal medical Cannabis client. Start your registration process today.

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