Exploring The 5 Areas of Health

Aug 27, 2020 | Nest News, News - Featured

The human body is very complex with many interconnected systems. It can thrive when it’s well-maintained and taken care of with healthy habits such as diet and exercise. By focusing on these five areas of health, you can achieve true holistic wellness.

Read more on how you can maintain the five areas of health below.



Your body can be quick to show symptoms of both optimal and sub-optimal health. There are a variety of practices suggested to maintain good physical health such as getting eight hours of sleep every night, eating a nutrient-dense diet high in plant-based foods and organic animal products, and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels by eating every three to four hours. You should also limit processed foods, heavy oils and excessive alcohol consumption.



Good emotional health allows you to work effectively while your mind is able to cope with everyday stress. It also helps you work with people around you and tackle daily tasks.

To maintain good emotional health, learn relaxation methods including deep breathing and meditation, and take part in routine exercise. Use a journal to track thoughts and feelings and seek assistive help like therapy, counselling, and support groups, when needed.



Our social health defines our relationships and can help us navigate the world with the people around us. It dictates how we interact with others, express ourselves, and participate in social communities.

By maintaining positive social habits, you can build a healthy support system through the people around you. Some activities to maintain your social health include spending time with your family and friends, taking care of yourself while caring for others, exercising with friends, bonding with your kids, and shaping your family’s health habits. Even in this new era of social distancing, you can stay connected to your family and friends through video and phone calls or meet in person for a fun outdoor activity.



Your spiritual health is connected to your inner soul and the greater world around you. Maintaining it can help you live a life of meaning and purpose and can positively influence your core values and beliefs.

You can take control of your own destiny and the direction of your life when you look for deeper meaning and analyze some of the recurring patterns in your behaviour and decisions. Yoga, meditation, and positive thinking are all great practices when it comes to maintaining and improving your spiritual health.



Intellectual Health

There is a big distinction between our intellectual and emotional health. Emotional health affects our daily mood and emotions, while intellectual health impacts cognitive abilities and brain functionality.

To help maintain your intellectual health, keep your mind active with problem solving practices, books, and activities that are challenging to your brain such as strategic games, puzzles, and memory tasks.

Your body, mind, spirit, community and education all work together harmoniously.

Support your health by maintaining these five areas and follow our blog for more tips and new approaches to whole health.

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