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Getting to Standardized Medicine

Jan 29, 2014

In comparison to other medicines, the sanctioned use of medical Cannabis is relatively recent. Because of the nature of consuming natural medicine over pharmaceuticals, many of our clients have inquired how it is we ensure a consistent, safe and medically effective product. We sat down with The Peace Natural Project’s Chief of Research to elucidate how we’re working towards Cannabis as a standardized form of medicine.


“Plants do not grow best in a completely sterile environment”

One of the keys to producing Cannabis as a standardized form of medicine is the safety of the growing conditions. An otherwise perfectly desirable crop can be compromised by the presence of certain moulds, contaminants, and pests.

While controlling the contamination of the crop is one of the key responsibilities of any grower, aiming for a 100% sterile environment is actually unideal when producing cannabis. Unlike many other forms of medicine, cannabis is consumed in its natural plant form, rather than in a chemical extraction. This means complete sterilization of the workspace actually works against quality production. Cannabis, like all plants, has a symbiotic relationship with its environment. The interaction of the cannabis plant with certain organisms can indeed strengthen its growth and actually prevent contamination.

While 100% sterilization isn’t the goal, we at The Peace Naturals Project are thoroughly committed to the health and safety conditions of our facility. Gloves, jackets and hard hats are worn at all times, and clothing is changed upon re-entering the facility. Specific lighting and environmental conditions allow us to control potential contamination. Furthermore, all of our Cannabis is examined by a third-party certified laboratory, to ensure it is of the highest medicinal quality and has undergone the highest level of safety inspection.

Genetics and Environment

“You can’t separate genetics from environment. Genetics contributes to how the plant will react in the environment; and the environmental conditions will determine which genetic traits will flourish”

Another important factor towards moving to standardized medicine in Cannabis is, of course, regulating the amount of active ingredient produced by the plant. One of the key ways we at Peace Naturals are able to ensure consistency of our product is through state of the art breeding techniques. By selectively breeding the plants, we can increase the overall health of the plant by selecting for resistance to certain pests and contaminants. We can also breed selectively to alter the amount and ratio of active ingredients in the plant.

However, genetics are only part of the story. While genetics may encode for the different traits the plant might manifest, the environmental conditions throughout the various stages of production determine which of those traits will flourish. Using lighting, temperature, and nutrient controls to mimic the conditions of the changing seasons, the Peace Naturals team is able to make sure that every plant is grown to the same standard.

It is the combination of safety standards, genetic science, and stringent growing practices that allows the Peace Naturals Project to ensure clean, consistent and medically effective cannabis for each of our clients so that they may find their own peace.

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is here to assist you. Register now to become a legal medical Cannabis client.

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