One-On-One Plant Care Delivers Quality Medical Cannabis

Growing Quality Medical Cannabis

Jul 13, 2016

When it comes to growing quality medicinal Cannabis, Peace Naturals employs a one-on-one plant care strategy. People ask us frequently why we have chosen this labour intensive, hands-on method for growing medicinal Cannabis, while other Health Canada MMPR licensed producers have opted for different production methods.

We believe our Cannabis grow methods produce some of the best quality medical Cannabis in Canada. To achieve these high standards, it requires our manufacturing team to spend time with each Cannabis plant to determine what it needs to stay healthy and productive. Our team examines each Cannabis plant daily to determine its progress… or lack thereof. Every grow task is built into a database which allows us to manage not only our production, but our employee workload as well.

“We monitor everything because we want to know every day of a plant’s life. As we’re getting bigger, we can manage our manufacturing team by looping back around at the end of the day to manage and review our completed tasks,” explains our VP of Manufacturing about our One-On-One Plant Care system.

Every day begins with a team meeting to discuss the previous days successes and shortcomings. The team arrives early (7 am) for the start of their day. The meeting involves approximately 20 people from 8 different departments.

The production meeting is led by our VP of Manufacturing and Master Grower, who assign tasks needing to be done based on what phase in the growth cycle a specific lot of Cannabis plants is in.

A production database creates a preset plan for a lot based on the approximate growth cycle for our Cannabis varieties. Peace Naturals Cannabis plants can be 17, 19 or 21 weeks from completion once we take cuttings for clones.

During the morning meeting, our team analyzes how far along in the plan the plants are. We know it takes approximately 14 days for a cutting to root, but it’s possible they could be a day or two late. We also know it could take between 60 to 65 days for a medical Cannabis variety like our Raphael to finishing flowering. Unlike traditional manufacturing assembly lines with their Just-In-Time processes, the Peace Naturals team needs room for these kinds of variables.

Our Master Grower is responsible for keeping an eye on these variables. His extensive Cannabis growing experience has taught him when clones are ready for transplant, when plants are ready to be put into flowering or when they’re ready to be harvested. It’s up to the Master Grower to make those decisions – not the preset plan.

“The metrics allows us to track and watch for potential health problems. We can go back and do analysis with our Master Grower and use these metrics to backup our knowledge,” explains the VP of Manufacturing.

Soon we will have a system in place for each specific Peace Naturals Cannabis variety. This will be a tailored plan to optimize each variety’s growth cycle in order to produce the best quality medical Cannabis we can.

There are no days off when growing medicinal Cannabis. Our manufacturing team has members coming in on weekends to tend to Peace Naturals Cannabis plants. By spending so much time with our plants, staff members develop a strong rapport and insight into each variety; which results in quality medicinal Cannabis once finished.

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Register with a Health Canada licensed producer is easier than you think. Peace Naturals is here to assist you become a legal medical Cannabis client. Start the registration process.

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