Health Canada To Test For Unauthorized Pest Control Products

Health Canada ACMPR Licensed Producers Scrutiny Increased

Feb 9, 2017

Health Canada’s ACMPR licensed producers have been notified by the government agency of an added level of consumer protection. This added level of scrutiny will increase Canadians confidence in Health Canada ACMPR, which has become the global gold standard for federal medical Cannabis programs.

The agency has announced it will begin performing randomized pesticide testing as part of their unannounced inspections. According to their news release, “Health Canada will test these products to ensure that only authorized pest control products are used during the production of medical cannabis.”

Health Canada has added this level scrutiny for Canadians safety and confidence in medical Cannabis after examining the issues around two ACMPR licensed producers products containing unapproved pesticides – resulting in recalls.

The government has approved a very limited number of pesticides to be used on Cannabis plants. A total of thirteen products may be used on Cannabis plants. However, until now, Health Canada has relied on ACMPR licensed producers to abide by the approved list with no oversight.

The federal agency engages in reviewing their regulations and procedures when any health product is recalled, including medical Cannabis.

Legal medical Cannabis from ACMPR licensed producers is tested for moulds, bacteria and heavy metals. However, because only approved pesticides are to be used during the growing process, ACMPR regulations do not make testing for unapproved pesticide mandatory.

Randomized pesticide testing by Health Canada inspectors has been created to add a level of oversight where none existed before while building consumer confidence in ACMPR licensed producers Cannabis products.

Peace Naturals works closely with Health Canada regulators. We welcome this additional level of oversight because it’s in the best interest of Canadians who employ medical Cannabis as adjunct therapy.

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