Why Choosing The Healthiest Rolling Papers Is Important

Choose The Healthiest Rolling Papers

Oct 17, 2016

Choose rolling papers wisely when shopping because the results could impact the flavour and taste of your medical Cannabis. Before buying your next pack of papers, ask yourself are these the healthiest option for rolling papers? It’s important to buy the healthiest rolling papers because not all rolling papers are the same.


Not all rolling papers are the same.

Some rolling papers are known to be made with harsh chemicals to make the papers burn longer. The chemicals make rolling papers lighter, finer and stronger. Then there is the gum on the rolling papers, which may also contain unwanted chemicals that could potentially alter how your medical Cannabis tastes.

Cheaper rolling papers are known to be bleached. Bleached papers may cause an unusual taste when you smoke medicinal Cannabis, so it is best to avoid these papers and choose a more natural rolling paper option instead.

Do Hemp and Rice Make The Healthiest Rolling Papers?

In our opinion, yes, hemp and rice rolling papers are the healthiest option for rolling papers. These papers burn more cleanly than traditional rolling papers – making them the healthiest rolling paper selection. Hemp just seems like a natural choice when it comes to inhaling medical Cannabis.

Rice papers are traditionally very thin. A thinner rolling paper burns less heavy because the papers are not as thick. Thin papers create less harsh smoke than heavy thick papers.

Hemp and rice rolling papers are better for the environment because both rice and hemp are quick renewable resources. They are generally thinner than standard rolling papers which can cause a heavier smoke – leading to potential lung irritations.

Purchasing the healthiest rolling papers isn’t challenging. Many convenience stores carry hemp (RAW) and rice rolling papers (Elements) along with ZigZags.

Vaporization Is Healthiest Option

Smoking medical Cannabis isn’t your healthiest option when consuming Peace Naturals products. Vaporization of medical Cannabis is a much healthier selection and we encourage our clients to investigate alternatives to smoking as a form of adjunct therapy. Vaporizers come in a variety of models and price range. Vaporization uses much less medical Cannabis because the vaporization temperature of THC is approximately half the temperature of a heater on a Cannabis joint. Speak to your client care representative about medical Cannabis vaporization or read the following NEST posts on the subject to learn more.

Medical Cannabis Vaporization Introduction   
Medicinal Cannabis Vaporization Tips
How to Select a Medical Cannabis Vaporizer

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