Textile to food source, Hemp is a very versatile plant

Hemp: The Other Side of Cannabis and Holistic Health

Feb 13, 2014

While there’s been a lot of hype over medical Cannabis over the last few years; this wonder plant has been a part of human life and agriculture for millennia. Whereas the medical efficacy of Cannabis is a fairly new phenomenon, the Cannabis plant has made countless contributions to civilization in the form commonly known as hemp.

Because of Cannabis’ robust growth in the wild, it has always been a major resource. The fibres of the Cannabis plant are extremely strong and versatile, allowing for some of its earliest applications in rope making. Over the course of agriculture’s relationship with the Cannabis plant it came to be used to produce clothing, riggings for boats, pendants and oils. By the 18th century Cannabis had become a prized crop in the Americas, with many of the founding fathers of the United States growing hemp crops on their own land.

In the 21st century all of these applications of hemp are still alive and well but the most commonly thought of use for hemp these days is as a food source. The heart of the hemp plant is an extremely nutrient dense food source. It provides large amounts of fibre, protein and omega fatty acids which contribute greatly to the overall health of an individual. Hemp can also be pressed into oil, which is great for cooking as well as for use on hair and skin.

This is all to say that the medicinal benefits of Cannabis plants do not start and end with using Cannabis as medicine. The manifold health benefits of the hemp plant can contribute greatly as a preventative medicine or to help lead a healthier lifestyle. At Peace Naturals we marvel at the incredible versatility of this plant. The holistic nature of the Cannabis plant allows it to aid you not only when you’re unwell, but also help you to maintain wellness in your day to day life.

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