Three Methods on How to Rehydrate Cannabis

How To Rehydrate Overly Dry Cannabis

Jan 19, 2017

How do you rehydrate dry cannabis when it becomes dried out and breaks up into a fine powder? There are several safe options to reviving your Peace Naturals product if it hasn’t been properly stored or you haven’t used it in sometime.

First, review our Nest post on how to properly to store your Cannabis.  Proper storage will prevent your Cannabis from becoming too dry, but if it does, there are methods on how to improve dry Cannabis.

The following three methods are best done by removing your Cannabis from its original Peace Naturals packaging and placing it in a plastic tupperware container with lid. Please remember though, the Peace Naturals container with the prescription label is part of your proof of possession. Please make sure that you save this container should you decide to medicate outside of your home.

Never let your Cannabis touch the material used to rehydrate dry Cannabis. Pay close attention to how long you rehydrate your Cannabis for because there is a small possibility of causing mould.

Rehydrate Dry Cannabis With Lettuce

The incredible moisture content of lettuce will rehydrate dry Cannabis in only a few hours. The best advantage of using a piece of lettuce is the lettuce won’t change the taste of the Cannabis.

  1. Place the lettuce in the container containing your dry Cannabis. 
  2. Do not let the lettuce touch your Cannabis.
  3. Instead, we are using the moisture content from the lettuce to crisp your dry Cannabis
  4. Put in the tupperware containing your Cannabis and lettuce in the fridge.
  5. It’s important to check back in a few hours to review the progress because lettuce will rehydrate Cannabis quickly.

Rehydrate Dry Cannabis With An Orange Peel

An orange peel has one big disadvantage/advantage over a slice of lettuce. The orange peel will add a citrus like taste to your dry Cannabis when it rehydrates. This citrus taste is potentially unappealing to some people, however, your Cannabis may have lost its flavour when it became too dry and rehydrating Cannabis with an orange peel will make make it flavourful again.

  1. Place orange peel in container containing your dry Cannabis.
  2. Do not let the orange peel touch your Cannabis.
  3. Put the plastic container containing your medical Cannabis and orange peel in fridge.
  4. Check back the next check the progress.

Rehydrate Dry Cannabis With A Cotton Ball

Some people have found success by moistening a cotton ball with water. This requires the water in the cotton ball to not come into contact with the dried Cannabis. Make sure the cotton ball does not create a small puddle of water as this could come into contact with your Cannabis. A cotton ball will not add a flavour or taste to your Cannabis when it rehydrates it.

  1. Moisten cotton ball.
  2. Place moist but not wet cotton ball in plastic container.
  3. Tighten lid.
  4. Do not put in the fridge – best if left on the counter at room temperature.
  5. Check on it a few hours later to check the progress.

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