Is Purple Cannabis The Strongest Cannabis?

How Does Purple Cannabis Happen

Nov 10, 2016

Purple Cannabis happens because of a genetic predisposition to turn purple or the Cannabis variety was grown in a way to express purple colours. Usually it’s a combination of both how the purple Cannabis variety is grown and its genetic trait that turns it those gorgeous purple hues.

Peace Naturals product The Grail has some purple Cannabis colours on the underside of many of its dried flowers. We’ve received wonderful client feedback on the gorgeous purple colours our clients have spotted on The Grail.

The Grail comes by its purple colours naturally. Becoming purple Cannabis as it flowers is part of its growth pattern. While not every dried flower has a purple twinge to it, The Grail has some very notable purple Cannabis colours.

The potential for The Grail to express even more purple colours is possible if we had the capabilities to drop our Cannabis production facilities temperatures in the final 10 days of flowering. By dropping the temperature in the final week of Cannabis flowering, the plant reacts to the cooler temperatures by becoming purple.

Many Cannabis plants can be coaxed to turn purple by dropping the temperatures. However, Cannabis varieties such as Peace Naturals The Grail when exposed to a drop in temperatures will take on even more purple hues. These Cannabis plants have a gorgeous colour to them as they finish flowering their in final days.

Is Purple Cannabis The Strongest Cannabis?

There’s no connection between purple Cannabis and THC potency. However, purple Cannabis uniqueness has created more interest from patients and highlights one of the many unique traits of our varieties. 

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