How to Apply to the ACMPR

How To Apply ACMPR

Nov 17, 2016

How To Apply ACMPR? Health Canada Access Cannabis Medical Purposes Regulations provide qualifying Canadians an opportunity to purchase medicinal Cannabis from a licensed producer or grow their own medical Cannabis. Depending on the option chosen will determine how to apply to the ACMPR.

Both methods of applying to Canada’s ACMPR program requires a signing physician to sign a medical document. For people wanting to buy medical Cannabis from a licensed producer such as the Peace Naturals Project, the medical document is available on our website. Download Peace Naturals ACMPR forms.

Along with the signed medical document, licensed producers require people to register with them before they may purchase medical Cannabis. These forms are included in Peace Naturals ACMPR application package.

How To Apply ACMPR To Produce Your Own Medical Cannabis

Canadians opting to grow their own medical Cannabis need to download their ACMPR forms from the Health Canada website. Health Canada ACMPR application is available here. Along with the signed medical document, Health Canada requires a person to register with them.

Upon successfully ACMPR registration, Health Canada will issue a registration document. This document can be used to purchase medical Cannabis and medical Cannabis starting materials such as clones and seeds from a licensed producer. Peace Naturals has updated our registration process to include people with Health Canada ACMPR registration certificates.

Start your legal medical Cannabis registration process today with Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals. Register with The Peace Naturals Project.

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