How To Make Homemade Oat Milk

Aug 21, 2019 | Nest News, News - Featured, Recipes, Trending

The non-dairy industry is booming in 2019. We see milk substitutes in coffee shops, grocery stores, and even popular fast food chains. These include anything from almond and soy milk, to oat, cashew, rice, and hemp. With endless options careening the dairy industry out of business, these substitutes can get expensive, and not to mention, aren’t great for climate change (albeit still better than the dairy industry).

The main issues with almond milk production are water use in drought-stricken areas – like California – where over 80% of the worlds almonds are grown. It takes approximately 15 gallons of water to produce 16 almonds, this isn’t the gentlest approach to our quickly declining ecosystem.

By purchasing (or making your own!) non-dairy milks, you’re reducing your carbon footprint greatly, making a difference in the well being of our livestock, and will reap the health benefits from switching to non-dairy.

One of the most popular plant-based milk alternatives is oat milk. This is particularly great for people with intolerances or allergies to nuts. Its naturally free of lactose, nuts, soy, and gluten. Oat milk, especially when fortified, is a rich source of nutrients – especially vitamin B12.

Here is a super easy, super affordable recipe for you to create your own plant-based milk substitute:

Oat Milk Recipe

8 servings (1 ½ cup servings)


  • 1 cup rolled oats (can sub in gluten-free oats)
  • 4 cups of water (less water for thicker milk)
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup for sweetness (optional)
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract (optional)


  • Add oats, water, salt, and any additional add-ins to a high-speed blender. Blend for about 1 minute or until mixture seems to be combined. It doesn’t have to be 100% pulverized and over-blending can make the milk slimy.
  • Scoop out a small sample to test flavor/sweetness
  • Pour the mixture over a large mixing bowl or pitcher covered with cheese cloth, thin towel, or a clean t-shirt. Double strain to remove oat remnants.
  • Transfer the leftover milk to a sealed container and refrigerate. Will keep for up to 5 days, just shake well and enjoy!

Try adding berries or cocoa powder to the mixture before you blend for a naturally flavoured milk!

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