How to Practice Yoga at Home

Jan 26, 2020 | Nest News, Peace News, Trending

Yoga is a physical meditation technique that has been around for centuries and with a new decade approaching, it is becoming more prominent than ever. While issues like mental health are becoming more prominent, searching for wellness activities that can help are an ideal solution. Renting a studio or joining a class may seem like the logical solution but today we are introducing some cost-effective methods for getting you in tuned with your inner yogi from the comfort of your own home. Here are a couple simple hacks to transforming your space into a DIY yoga studio, from apartments to houses alike.

Choose the Right Space

Philipp Berndt- door in a white roomChoosing the right area in your home is essential for your DIY yoga studio. It’s always best to start with knowing how much space you will need in accordance to your body, especially if you’re tall. Choosing an area in your home that has the freest amount of area from furniture or extremities helps with this process along with making sure your floor is hard and flat helps with your positioning.

De-clutter Jazmin Quaynor- Stationery and flowers flatlay

The most essential part of starting this process is removing the clutter from your space as it also synonymously clears you mind. Being able to have a tidy area with room to move around enables you to liberate your mind from overthinking and gives you a blank slate for you to work with. 

Get the Equipment You Need

Kelly Sikkema- It’s more fun to take pictures of fitness equipment than to use it

Setting up your atmosphere is fairly easy and with these pieces of equipment, your space will be prepared for a healthy session. 

 Yoga mat

The first thing you will need to start your session is a basic mat that is sturdy, beware of slippery floors during positions, and light enough to carry around. A mat is critical for this exercise as it will help you maintain your balance during different positions. 


A portable laptop is an easy solution for the beginner yogi as you can utilize any online subscriptions to yoga practitioners and online videos that can help with direction and maintain focus. Alternatively, a phone could be used as well as many wellness apps are available with audio listening that can direct your sessions.

 Full-length mirror

Besides having this as a staple furniture piece in your bedroom, a full-length mirror can assist you with letting you see your progress and helps you visualize your poses, to ensure you’re arching properly. 

Set Your Lighting


To create a healthy environment for yoga, creating a mood through lighting is crucial. An adequate number of light assists with your energy levels and can be uplifting, while dimmer lighting contributes towards not being physically active, which might affect your routine. You can Light a candle, open a window or turn on a lamp, regardless of the source, light is a great mood-setting component that can truly improve your yoga experience.

Investing into your mental wellness is important to us at Peace Naturals. To learn more about the whole health approach and how you can incorporate it into your daily life, be sure to visit The Nest for more updates and follow us on Twitter!

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