Properly Store Medical Cannabis For Safety And Freshness

How To Properly Store Medical Cannabis

Oct 18, 2016

When you properly store medical Cannabis, the effectiveness, aroma and flavours remain present much longer. Properly stored Cannabis demonstrates you are taking responsibility for your medical Cannabis by ensuring it stays out of the reach of minors and children.

Peace Naturals ships our product in a childproof container. However, like all prescription medications these containers are not teenager proof. It’s important to talk to teen about not using someone’s prescription medication because they may not be aware of the consequences of taking medication not prescribed to them. 

Besides limiting access, properly stored medical Cannabis ensures its freshness. Fascinatingly, the fantastic smell Cannabis gives off when the container is first opened, comes from terpene exposure to oxygen. Terpenes are slowly dissipating over time because of oxidation. Cannabis becomes less smelly over time because oxidation is dissipating aromatic terpenes.  

Properly store your medical Cannabis to limit oxidation.

If you’re purchasing your medicinal Cannabis in one large monthly order, it’s best to store your unopened product in the freezer. Freezer storage will keep our product fresh considerably longer than just having the container stored at room temperature.  

The freezer isn’t practical for everybody, especially for families with teenagers or pre-teens who need to keep their medicinal Cannabis out-of-reach. If keeping your medicinal Cannabis in the freezer isn’t and ideal option, ensure that you store your medicinal Cannabis away from a light or other potential heat source. A heat source may gently warm your medicinal Cannabis and dissipate not only terpenes, but cannabinoids too.

Another avoidance is storing medical Cannabis in the bathroom. Moisture from a shower could potentially get trapped in the container. Prescription medications should never be stored in a bathroom because of shower related moisture can negatively impact the quality and freshness.

Properly store medical Cannabis in a dark dry place out the reach of the children.  

Peace Naturals product container is child proof and is your legal proof your medical Cannabis has been obtained legally. When leaving your home with your medicinal Cannabis it’s important to carry it in the original container. Should you be stopped by law enforcement Peace Naturals container is proof your medical Cannabis is being legally consumed. The product container has an emergency contact number if law enforcement needs to inquire further.    

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is here to assist you. Register now to become a legal medical Cannabis client.

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