How to Reuse & Recycle Your Cannabis Packaging

Jul 22, 2020 | Nest News

Cannabis is usually sold in child-resistant re-sealable envelopes, plastic jars, and other disposable containers with plain packaging and labelling. This helps to protect against accidental consumption, provide customers with the information they need to make informed decisions, and make sure the product does not appeal to children.

Most cannabis packaging can be recycled. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Recycle?

Recycling your cannabis packaging is important to reduce the effects of cannabis packaging on Canada’s already long-standing landfill issues. These issues include the fact that there are 2,400 active landfills, leaching of chemicals, heavy malicious odors, garbage fires, and more.

How To Recycle Cannabis Packaging

A great way to recycle cannabis packaging in Canada is through Terracycle, he company t offers a Zero Waste Box™ recycling bin that allow consumers to deposit a variety of items including used tubs, plastic bags, boxes, and more.

To use a Terracycle bin, just drop your packaging directly into the container located at any retail dispensary store that has these bins on site.

Retailers such as Suprette, Spiritleaf, Nova Cannabis, and Fire & Flower have Terracycle bins and you can check to see if your preferred location has one using this website.

How To Reuse The Packaging

If you would rather reuse than recycle, there are many different ways you can repurpose your cannabis packaging.

For example, you can reuse your old tincture oil bottles to blend essential oils for a diffuser around your home or make the most of an empty flower tub by creating a small starter pot for a house plant.

Before you throw out your packaging, take some time to think of where your waste ends up and how else you can use it. Cannabis packaging comes in many different forms, but the possibilities are endless.

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