What Are Indica Cannabis Plants?

Indica Cannabis Plants Explained

Nov 1, 2016

For Peace Naturals clients, indica Cannabis is used to describe a potential adjunct therapy effect. Often thought of as sedate, relaxing, calming or pain relieving Cannabis species, these effects are also dependent on the individual profiles of each medical Cannabis variety and not solely whether the variety is indica Cannabis.

In real terms, “indica Cannabis” doesn’t actually refer to the adjunct effect produced by the dried flower, it refers to the indica Cannabis plant species. 

What are Indica Cannabis plants?

In 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck described a new species of Cannabis discovered in India. These were short, squat, broad leaf plants that Lamarck opted to name Cannabis indica. They were different in description to Cannabis sativa which is a long lanky plant.   

Indica Cannabis was named for its location discovery, not its effects. Some people suggest these indica Cannabis plants may have been discovered in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Cannabis plants with a Hindu Kush lineage tend to be more hardy, sturdy, rugged, with much quicker harvesting time than sativa Cannabis.

The faster finishing time is based on its original outdoor farming season. The shorter farming season has created a crop of Cannabis that finishes quickly and indica Cannabis plants are prized for their speedy flowering period.

The word indica Cannabis has evolved to mean much more than the original 1785 definition. Nowadays, for consumers, indica Cannabis is about the potential effect a particular variety may have. 

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