Strains: Why do they matter?

Discussion of Indica vs Sativa and Hybrid

Jan 29, 2014

One of the principal concerns of our Clients here at Peace Naturals is finding the right medicine to suit their needs. Understandably, one of the most common questions we receive is in regards to the difference in effect and in use between the C.sativa and C.indica varieties of cannabis. This article should clear up a lot of the confusion regarding the main varieties of cannabis production, as well as highlight the incredible contribution that hybrid vigor has made to allow Peace Naturals to produce the highest quality medicine for your specific needs.

Strains: Why do they matter?

The first question many people might ask is when learning about the different strain origins of cannabis is: why does it matter?

The answer is that the cannabis plant, in its many varieties, produces different amounts of medicine in different ratios. This means that different plants will be better suited to different people, depending on their specific medical needs.

The active components in cannabis are called cannabinoids. The effects of different cannabinoids range from pain relieving bodily effects, to euphoric psychotropic effects. These effects are determined by the amount and ratio of the main cannabinoids known as CBD and THC.

The different varieties of cannabis will contain differing amounts of these active components. The Sativa plant is known to produce higher levels of THC and thus more euphoric effects, whereas the indica plant has higher levels of CBD and thus is more effective in pain treatment.

Cannabis Sativa

The C. sativa plant is tall and thin, with narrow leaves and a light green colour. The C.sativa plant takes longer to mature but is well worth the wait, as the plant is known to produce high levels of THC and relatively low levels of CBD.

The effect of the cannabinoid ratio of the C.sativa plant makes it ideal as a daytime medicine. The effects are reported as euphoric and uplifting, contributing to increased focus as well as for treatment of chronic pain. The high levels of THC have been shown to have effects on the neurotransmitter serotonin; making the C.sativa strain the preferred choice of many in treating anxiety and depression.

Cannabis Indica

The C.indica plant is in many ways the opposite of the C.sativa plant. It grows short and bushy, with a broader leave and a darker green tone in its colour. Compared to C.sativa, C.indica matures more rapidly and in higher yields. Another feature that makes it unique from the C.sativa plant is that it produces relatively lower amounts of THC and much higher amounts of CBD. The difference in ratio of medicine in the C.indica plant make it ideal for use toward muscle relaxation, treatment of acute pain, treatment of decrease in appetite and in treatment of sleep disorders. C.indica has been associated with effects on the neurotransmitter dopamine which regulates the pleasure and reward centres of the brain. Because of it’s many medical effects C.indica is often preferred for use during the night time.

Hybrid Vigor: Producing the Medicine That’s Right for You

While many people still consider the distinction between using C.sativa or C.indica as their key decision maker in choosing their medicine; the art of producing high quality and highly effective cannabis for medical use lies in the cross-breeding of the two varieties.

By selectively breeding hybrids of the C.sativa and C.indica varieties, modern cannabis production is able to more effectively influence and stabilize the ratios of THC and CBD in the plants. This allows for Peace Naturals to develop a large variety of strains, with varying degrees of effect: from plants that treat bodily pain acutely, with little to no psychotropic effect, to plants that affect mood and focus with little bodily effect, and many points in between.

This maximization of the cannabis plant through cross-breeding is known as heterosis or hybrid vigor. Through our commitment to exploring and mastering the process of hybrid vigor, Peace Naturals is not only able to develop an increasing variety of cannabis to suit the many needs of our Clients, but also to develop the plants to grow more effectively, in terms of yield, health of the plant and in terms of consistency of the ratio of medicine provided. The effects of hybrid vigor also help to ensure the health of the plant, including its resistance to contaminants and other such issues, so as to provide consistent, uncontaminated medicine to every participant in the Peace Naturals Project.

While the C.sativa/C.indica divide is a great starting point for deciding what medicine is right for you, the importance of hybrid vigor should change the types of questions you should ask. Because of The Peace Naturals Projects’commitment to providing treatment to the greatest variety of people, we have maximized the art of hybrid vigor to change the nature of the question from: “is indica or sativa better for me?” into: “What THC to CBD ratio is right for me”

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is here to assist you. Register now to become a legal medical Cannabis client.

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