Cannabis Gear Can Impact Flavors And Aromas

Keep Your Cannabis Gear Clean

Oct 19, 2016

The Cannabis gear used to prepare your medicinal Cannabis such as a grinders, scissors and trays ought to be cleaned frequently. Cannabis gear used for inhaling medical Cannabis such as bongs, pipes and vapor bags should be cleaned even more frequently.

Grinders and scissors get gummed up easily with trichromes. They become much less functional the more they are used and the less they are cleaned. Besides being harder to manipulate, a dirty grinder may impact the medicinal Cannabis tastes and aromas.

A dirty tray may also pick up the previous ground medical Cannabis and as such should be wiped down frequently to avoid a build up. A clean rolling surface is important when crafting an expert Cannabis cigarette.

There are many products available promising great cleaning power, but 99% Isopropyl Alcohol is the simplest to use. It’s also more affordable than products specifically designed to remove trichrome build up. 99% Isopropyl may be purchased from a pharmacy, but note the precautions; it’s a flammable substance and should be used with some caution (ie not around open flame).

When you’re cleaning your Cannabis gear frequently, a little Isopropyl is all that is needed. A small spritz bottle of Isopropyl works wonders and the one from ISOpour works really well when you are frequently cleaning your Cannabis gear. After cleaning with 99% Isopropyl or some form of cleaning agent, it’s important to run your Cannabis gear under some hot water to remove any excess cleaning chemicals.

People who use medicinal Cannabis via a water pipe need to change the water daily. Dirty water could lead to bacteria build up or other nastiness. Daily cleaning makes the chore easier and provides for a clean and healthy inhale. Daily cleaning, fresh water and some ice to cool the smoke is suggested for people who employ a water pipe for medicating.

Vapourizer parts need frequent cleaning too. The whip (tube) should be frequently cleaned by running 99% Isopropyl through it and then hot water. Vapour bags should be replaced frequently because they become soiled over time which will also affect the taste of your Cannabis.

It’s important to keep your Cannabis gear clean. You may experience poor equipment performance or worse, your medicinal Cannabis may take on the flavours and aromas of the previous prepared product.

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