Sunlight Changes Are Potential Trigger For Major Depressive Disorder

Less Sunlight May Trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder

Oct 11, 2016

Not everyone greets seasonal changes with optimism. A fall nature walk is something many of us love to do, however, some people are unfortunately negatively impacted by seasonal change. They dread the onset of winter as their body begins to slow down.

While it’s normal for Canadians to begrudge seasonal changes, some people are impacted when a season changes to the point where it impacts their mood or behaviour. When mental health is repeatedly impacted at a specific time every year it’s referred to as a Seasonal Affective Disorder.

SAD is a major depressive disorder that often comes when sunlight changes from long summer days to short fall and winter ones. Researchers have discovered a few possibilities why some people are more impacted by the onset of less sunlight than others.

Melatonin, a body chemical that regulates sleep, increases with more sunlight and decreases when there is less. It’s believed more melatonin in people during the fall / winter period is the primary cause of SAD.

Exposure to high intensity discharge lighting is a suggested therapy for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Light therapy is an adjunct treatment, which helps people suffering from SAD, overcome their symptoms. While the results appear to be excellent, people need to expose themselves to light therapy (phytotherapy) daily during the fall / winter months.

Approximately sixteen percent of Peace Naturals clients report employing medical Cannabis as an adjunct therapy for their mental well being. (View our Primary Reasons for Using Medicinal Cannabis chart)  They opt for a variety of different medicinal Cannabis varieties depending on their ailment.

Interestingly, the high intensity discharge lights used to grow our medical Cannabis are similar spectrum to the sunlamps used for phytotherapy.

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