Is A Movie Marathon Good For Your Whole Health? YES!

May The Fourth Be With You

May 4, 2016

To our friends in a galaxy far far away, Peace Naturals sends greetings on International Star Wars Day May 4, 2016May The Fourth Be With You. While the Star Wars franchise might not be your personal movie preference, indulging in your favourite film(s) might be beneficial to your mental health.

Movies can be a great distraction from both physical and mental pain. They provide us with relief from our concerns and worries, which sometimes can build up and overwhelm. It’s perfectly acceptable to put woes aside for a day or a few hours to indulge in our favorite movie(s) as an emotional release. Peace Naturals  recognizes there are whole health benefits to relaxing with a bowl of lightly salted popcorn with Delicious Hemp Hearts tossed in for extra nutrition and your favourite movie.  

The type of film we watch plays a tremendous role in our emotional response. It’s probably not best to watch an emotional tearjerker when we’re already feeling overwhelmed, but some people do. Many people choose comedy because laughter is the best medicine, but too much laughter may hurt chronic pain people physically. No jokes, don’t laugh until it hurts. Epic adventure trilogies allow us to get lost for a day in the world of make believe.

Films may also create memorable inspiring quotes such this one from jedi master Yoda.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Inspiring movie quotes may become personal mantras people choose to help maintain their mental health. The Internet is full of movie quote memes people are inspired by or can relate too. Do you have an inspiring movie quote helping you get through disappointing days? Tweet us your inspiring movie quote and to share with the Peace community use #peacenaturals

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