Our Clients Use Medical Cannabis For Mental Health Adjunct Therapy

Medical Cannabis For Mental Health

May 5, 2016

Sixteen percent of Peace Naturals clients report medicating with our medical cannabis product for their mood or behaviour. Our clients are employing Cannabis as an adjunct therapy for many different mental health conditions. Therefore medical Cannabis for mental health is something we need to talk about.

Read a medical Cannabis study for mental health Cannabidiol Counteracts Amphetamine-Induced Neuronal and Behavioural Sensitization through a Novel mTOR/p70S6 Kinase Signalling Pathway

Our clients are relieving symptoms associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some have debilitating depression or overwhelming anxiety. Peace Naturals recognizes medical Cannabis for mental health makes life a little better when coping with these illnesses. 

You can read about our clients’ personal journeys with medicinal Cannabis for mood disorders in our Peaceful Inspiration  section. Filter by ailment Mood And Behavior to read about people admitting Cannabis helps them maintain a positive outlook on life. Until recently medical Cannabis for positive mental health hasn’t been addressed and most research has focused on negative impacts.

These client’s personal successes should inspire everyone to #GETLOUD Mental Health Week 2016. Opening up about mental health is particularly daunting, especially for seniors, but it’s important we #GETLOUD  to address this serious health concern. Spend a moment to discuss your emotional strengthens and weaknesses with a loved one.

Much emphasis has been placed on medical cannabis reducing physical symptoms associated with chronic pain, but chronic pain may impact our client’s emotional well being too. These can be dramatic emotional changes to small easily manageable ones.

People with chronic pain – fifty four percent of Peace Naturals clients use our product to relieve pain related symptoms – have a much higher risk of long term depression. The extremely challenging cycle of pain and depression can be very difficult to manage.

It’s very important everyone maintain their mental health, not just our clients, but employees and suppliers too. Our mental health is as important as our physical health. Little adjustments can achieve big goals and the simple ideas found in Nest’s Mental Health Tips are a great starting point for people who may not know where to begin. The first tip, It’s Never Too Late is a reminder we can all change despite our age and set in ways.

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is here to assist you. Register now to become a legal medical Cannabis client.

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