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Medical Cannabis Oils Now Available

Dec 7, 2015

First Medical Cannabis Oils Now Legally Available for Sale in Canada Through Peace Naturals Project Inc.

STAYNER, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Dec. 7, 2015) – Peace Naturals Project Inc., the first newly Licenced Producer of medical Cannabis under Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, received the industry’s first approval today from Health Canada to begin selling medical Cannabis Oils.

Peace Naturals Project, who received the first Section 56 Exemption to begin producing Cannabis Oils on July 31, 2015, had been actively exploring medical Cannabis extraction technology and implementing processes for safe and quality driven production. Taking the best practices from global industry standards, Peace Naturals Project has completed the manufacturing and testing of their first 2 (two) batches of Cannabis Oil; Cerene and Omega. The first oil products to be made available for sale will be for oral consumption using organic, high quality functional food oils as the carrier agents.

The company successfully met all testing criteria and has satisfied all obligations for production and readiness to sell under the Section 56 Supplemental Licence.
With this approval by Health Canada, Peace Naturals Project will complete the packaging of Cerene and Omega immediately and plans to introduce the MMPR’s first oil based medicine for sale to clients on Monday, December 7, 2015.
“Once again we are able to reward our clients for their loyalty and feedback by bringing the first legal and non-combustible medicinal Cannabis offering to Canadians under the MMPR,” says Mark Gobuty, the company’s CEO & Founder. “The traditions of innovation, excellence and great value are core to the team at Peace Naturals. Today we celebrate the quick turnaround from Health Canada on the Supreme Court decision in R vs Smith and our unique ability to create and assemble a compliant and repeatable process for the thousands of Peace Naturals Clients.”
The company looks forward to introducing oral Cannabis medication to the MMPR marketplace and has always seen non-combustible consumption as the more viable solution for Canadians in need.

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