Medical Cannabis Vaporization Tips For Maximum Enjoyment

Medicinal Cannabis Vaporization Tips

Jul 8, 2016

Cannabis vaporization is an important topic for Peace Naturals clients. Many clients have asked their Client Care Representative for medicinal Cannabis vaporization tips and our NEST series on vaporization is designed as an introduction to Cannabis vaporizing. There are numerous resources available online (including many YouTube vaporization videos) on the subject.

We encourage Peace Naturals clients who are interested in medicinal Cannabis vaporization to explore the topic further by watching videos, reading reviews and trying the different tips.  

It’s not difficult to vaporize your Peace Naturals product, but getting the most from your newly purchased vaporizer is critical for your overall enjoyment. More importantly understanding how vaporization works and how your specific vaporizer model works will achieve the most effectiveness when medicating  

Always Grind Your Medical Cannabis
If you don’t own a grinder, you’ll need one if you want to use a vaporizer efficiently. Since your medicinal Cannabis won’t actually be burning, the hot air created by the vaporizer needs to be able to come into contact with as much of your Cannabis as possible. You can facilitate this by grinding your Peace Naturals product into a medium consistency with maximum surface area. This allows full extraction of the desired Cannabis compounds. The good news is many vaporizer retailers in Canada offer free grinders with vaporizer purchases!

Pay Attention to the Optimal Vaporizer Temperature!
Different medical Cannabis compounds will vaporize at different temperatures. Our first NEST blog post covered this medicinal Cannabis vaporization tips extensively. Summed up, THC vaporization temperature is approximately 380F, but other compounds boil off at different rates. Temperature ranges usually overlap; make sure you choose an optimal temperature that will vaporize the compounds you desire without combusting your Peace Naturals product.

Adjusting the temperature while you vaporize your medicinal Cannabis can also change vapour quality and flavour, so experimenting will help you find the ideal results based on your own preferences.The rule of thumb is that lower temperatures will produce thinner and more flavourful vapour, while high temperatures will produce thicker vapour.

Choose Where To Vaporize Your Medical Cannabis Appropriately
Portable vaporizer have provided an opportunity to medicate somewhat discreetly in public. Responsible Peace Naturals clients will find a place to medicate without drawing too much public attention to themselves. Medicating in a park on a nice summer day is a wonderful experience, but impacting other people’s enjoyment of the park space is not. We ask our clients to be aware of their surroundings when medicating with a portable vaporizer in public. Remember you will require your Peace Naturals medicinal Cannabis container, not your membership card, when traveling in public with your medicine.

For people who only medicate in their home, it’s best to set up your standalone unit in a space where you’re most frequently in. Many clients have chosen their recreational room as an ideal place for their vaporizer. This way they can access their television and vaporizer simultaneously. Some choose their home office or bedroom. Numerous clients report setting up a space away from their family to avoid any potential smells and to have some privacy from their children. Regardless where in your home the medicinal Cannabis vaporizer is located, it’s best to setup your standalone unit in a space where you are most comfortable.

Final Thoughts On Medicinal Cannabis Vaporization Tips
Vaporizers offer some important advantages over smoking. The technologies used in their designs have come a long way over the last decade, and the barriers to entry have all but disappeared. Vaporizers are touted as more efficient, convenient and most importantly, an alternative to smoking. 

Peace Naturals is here to assist you every step in the process to becoming a Health Canada MMPR legal medical Cannabis client. Start your registration process today.

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