Curious about medicinal Cannabis vaporizing?

Medical Cannabis Vaporizing Introduction

Jul 18, 2016

Clients who have heard about this method of Cannabis consumption often ask their Client Care Representative more about vaporizing their Peace Naturals medicine. We know we have many clients who prefer vaporizing their medicinal Cannabis and would like to learn more about it. This series of NEST blog posts is designed as an introduction to Cannabis vaporizing, and is suitable for those new to Cannabis use and for veterans alike.

Regardless of what knowledge level you currently have, these posts will inform you about how these devices work and help you decide if Cannabis vaporization is the right consumption method for your needs. If vaporization interests you further visit our friends at Toronto Vaporizer to learn even more.   

What is a Medicinal Cannabis Vaporizer?
A vaporizer is an electronic device that offers an alternative to smoking medicinal Cannabis. A vaporizer allows your Peace Naturals product to be heated to a fixed temperature that will release vapour as opposed to smoke. By setting the proper Cannabis vaporization temperature you will release only the important compounds while other components that you may not want to inhale are left behind.

Why Vaporize Your Peace Naturals Medicinal Cannabis?
While combustion may be the most common form of consumption, you may be surprised when you learn about the benefits of switching to or starting medicinal Cannabis vaporizing. Combustion has been shown to create unpleasant byproducts like tar, which is something that many people wish to avoid. Several studies have suggested using vaporizers may be an effective way to avoid these unwanted compounds.

Medicinal Cannabis Vaporizers Are More Efficient
Flames are much hotter than necessary to extract the desired medicinal Cannabis compounds from your Peace Naturals product. They’re so hot that they can actually destroy some of the desired Cannabis compounds such as terpenes before you ever have a chance to inhale them. On top of this, smoking methods involving a flame usually allow your medicinal Cannabis to continue burning into the surrounding air even when you aren’t actively inhaling.

Anecdotal evidence reported by users who enjoy medicinal Cannabis vaporizers suggest vaporization is a more efficient method of medicating with Cannabis. What this boils down to is the fact you may use less Peace Naturals medicine to achieve the same desired effect, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Medicinal Cannabis Vaporizers Are More Discreet
When compared to smoking, medicinal Cannabis vaporizers are significantly more discreet. The three main reasons this is true are:

  • The odour isn’t as strong and does not linger.
  • Vapour dissipates faster than smoke and is visibly less noticeable.
  • Many devices are designed to look inconspicuous.

The points regarding medicinal Cannabis odour are probably the most significant advantages when it comes to discretion. Consumption methods involving combustion have a very strong and distinct smell, and that smell can linger for hours (or longer) after consuming. Vapour has a much milder odour that is less identifiable, and it will also dissipate within minutes.

Just like the odour, the output created by vapour will also dissipate much faster than smoke. If extreme discretion is important, low temperatures can even help to make the output almost non-existent. The thinner the vapour, the faster it will dissipate and the less noticeable it will be.

Vaporizers Are More Convenient
Many people believe medicinal Cannabis vaporizers are difficult to use, but the truth is they may actually be more convenient than smoking your Peace Naturals medicine for these reasons:

  • They have a quick heating time.
  • Maintenance is very easy.
  • Portable vaporizers can carry a medicine dosage in advance. (Note when in public please always bring your Peace Naturals medicinal Cannabis container with you as this is the only proof you are a legal MMPR patient.)

Cleaning up after medicating is just as easy as any other type of consumption, if not easier. Heating chambers are almost always fully contained within the unit, so you don’t have to clean up as soon as you are done medicating. Vaporizers are therefore quite mess-free.

Our next medicinal Cannabis vaporizing introduction NEST post will address the many questions clients have regarding the best vaporizer for them. There are many different makes and models of vaporizers to choose from, making it difficult to recommend a specific model. By understanding how to buy a vaporizer and what to look for when purchasing a vaporizer you can find one suitable for your needs while staying within budget.

Start your legal medical Cannabis registration process today with Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals. Register with The Peace Naturals Project.

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