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Medicate With Cannabis Mindfully

Aug 3, 2016

Employing medical Cannabis for your whole health can involve incorporating a few simple to follow ideas. These ideas are not hard, fast rules to live by, but should be viewed as an opportunity to potentially get more from your medicinal Cannabis.

Be aware of how Cannabis affects your symptoms

Before you medicate with Cannabis, perform a personal check-in that evaluates how you are doing at that moment. Are your symptoms out of control or under control? Is your pain level off the charts or manageable? Where do you hurt?

Rate your health at the moment on a scale of 1-10. You could break it down further based on specific symptoms or keep it simple. It’s best to start slow by writing a number down and then get more complex as you become more aware of exactly what your body is telling you. Write this number down because you’re going to refer back to it after you medicate with Cannabis.

After consuming your medicinal Cannabis do another personal check-in. Did your symptoms become more manageable? Did your pain score lower? Write down the new results for an easy comparison between before and after.

Tracking what varieties, the method in which you medicated, how much Cannabis you used and your mood at that moment is also valuable information to consider tracking. Not only will this help your doctor understand your needs better, but it will also help get you more in tune with what helps you find relief.

Seeing the differences on piece of paper assists many people in making a connection with Cannabis as adjunct therapy. The next time you place an order through our Client Care team, consider asking them to add a Peace Naturals “Self Care” Diary to your order.

This carbon copy pad has been created with a quick survey format. This allows you to collect the important information and it creates a copy that you can share with our Client Care Department should you choose to do so. We encourage you to share this information with us so that we can help other Canadians with similar ailments and to better our efforts as your Health Canada Licensed Producer. All of your personal information will always be kept confidential.

Medicate with Cannabis in a peaceful setting

Many people who medicate with Cannabis have set aside a space in their home for their consumption. Often this has more to do with the smell of Cannabis than creating a peaceful setting, but medicating in a relaxing space can increase the symptom relief properties of Cannabis and allows for easier personal check-ins.

Proper dosage is important

Understanding dosage is important when you medicate with Cannabis. Over consumption may produce undesirable effects. Peace Naturals always recommends starting slow until you determine what amount of medicinal Cannabis is right for you. You and your doctor determined your daily dosage and it’s important to follow it. A small kitchen scale can assist you in weighing out your proper daily dosage.

Understand medical Cannabis effects

Different medical Cannabis varieties create varying effects when it comes to symptom management. Peace Naturals Client Care Representatives are a great resource on the effects our products may have. Speaking with clients daily about their illnesses and how Cannabis works for them has provided our Client Care Representatives with a plethora of fantastic knowledge.

Some medical Cannabis varieties may make you sleepy and lower your pain levels while other types of Cannabis may keep you awake and alert. Ask your Client Care Representative about the different effects our products have been reported to have and use them accordingly. For example, an awake and alert effect is not the best before bedtime.

While Peace Naturals products are tested in a government approved lab for contaminants and we post accurate THC and CBD percentages, each variety we grow has it’s own unique properties. The combination of other cannabinoids and terpene profiles play as much a part in your symptom relief as do the THC and CBD percentages.

Be aware when medicating with Cannabis

There is a time and place when medicating with Cannabis. Be aware of your settings and yourself beforehand. A check-in before and after medicating with Cannabis and figuring out how it is affecting your symptoms can be important to achieving the optimum adjunct therapy. You’d be surprised how a simple personal assessment in a peaceful space can make you more aware of your illness and how Cannabis is impacting it.

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is here to assist you. Register now to become a legal medical Cannabis client.

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