Updated Product Descriptions Include Cannabis Plant Profiles

Peace Naturals Adds Cannabis Plant Profiles

Dec 13, 2016

Peace Naturals has added more in depth details in our Cannabis plant profiles to assist our clients in making informed decisions when choosing a variety that is right for them. These new descriptions are part of the launch of our new Client Shopping Experience.

Our product descriptions are intended as a resource to inform registered Peace Naturals clients about our different medical Cannabis products. However, the Health Canada ACMPR program has different regulations regarding the information we can provide to the general public. Public facing information may only contain cannabinoid profile percentage and limited Cannabis plant profile data (indica / sativa).

We have included fascinating Cannabis plant profiles for our clients to learn and understand more about their medicinal Cannabis before it’s dried, packaged, and shipped to their door including information on different Cannabis plant sizes, some of their growing characteristics and what is commonly referred to by Cannabis growers as flowering time.

What is Cannabis flowering time? The flowering time is an approximation of the time it takes for the Cannabis plant to finish. Usually within a day or two of this number, our manufacturing team will be harvesting. After harvesting the plant, it’s no longer manufacturing responsibility, but finishing and packaging.

Most importantly flowering time allows us to plan production. As one lot of Cannabis plants is harvested another lot is cut for clones. It’s a constant process of clone-to-harvest.

Understanding our Cannabis plants allows us maximum flexibility when it comes to storage. We don’t like to keep our Cannabis products in the vault too long, therefore we’re constantly trying to ensure just enough client supply until the next lot arrives from finishing and packaging.

Access to medicinal Cannabis isn’t challenging. Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is here to assist you. Register now to become a legal medical Cannabis client.

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