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Peace Naturals is Excited About the ACMPR

Aug 26, 2016

Health Canada’s newly announced changes to their medical Cannabis regulations came with a new name. The Access Cannabis Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) has Canadians fascinated about possibly producing their own personal supply.

Please note the ACMPR changes DO NOT impact clients who want to purchase their medical Cannabis from Peace Naturals.

We are here to help Canadians who want access to growing their own small amount of medical Cannabis, once they’re registered with Health Canada. Please note, people interested in producing their own medical Cannabis are required to fill out the Health Canada ACMPR application.

To be clear, Peace Naturals is not part of the application process to produce your own medical Cannabis, but we are excited to be involved in helping you acquire genetic starter material should you choose to take advantage of this option. We’re happy to announce we are well on our way to becoming your provider of medical Cannabis starting materials.

Peace Naturals looks forward to becoming a premier provider of medical Cannabis starter materials, however there are still many hurdles to clear before we begin shipping. We’re examining production schedules, manufacturing space, developing Standard Operating Procedures and determining market demand. People interested in growing their own medical Cannabis can assist us by filling out our short survey.

While we prepare on our side, people interested in these new ACMPR options ought to begin their own readiness plan.

Download Health Canada’s application, which includes a medical document to be signed by your physician. Review their About ACMPR website page on ACMPR security considerations and consider purchasing a Cannabis grow book to understand the level of commitment and skill needed to produce quality medical Cannabis for yourself.

When you’re ready with your Health Canada ACMPR registration certificate, bring it to Peace Naturals because we anticipate will be ready too with a plan to that makes us the best licensed producer in ACMPR.

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