Peace Naturals™ Guide To Self-Care 

May 24, 2020 | Nest News, News - Featured, Peace News

While everyone is adapting to their current situations, we know that uncertainty can cause a variety of emotions including fear, confusion, sadness, or irritability 

Here are some suggestions on how to get through this time and look toward the future.  

Stay Social  

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Figure out the best ways you can connect with your loved ones without being together in person. Consider cell phones, video calls, text, or online activities you can participate in together. 

Keep Busy  

living room with guitar and TVStick to your routine when it comes to work, meals, sleep, and physical activity. Work from home if possible, especially if your employer allows you to do your job via teleconference or video.  

Stay on top of your hobbies or leisure activities such as watching TV and listening to podcasts. You can also learn new skills or gain knowledge by reading a book. 

Another option is to spend your extra time catching up on projects or your to-do list at home. 

Prepare Ahead 

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Make a list of essentials you need to keep your household running and take an inventory of what you have on hand. Plan out grocery orders and utilize delivery services where available.  

Contact your doctor about any prescription refills you may need and find out if your pharmacy delivers.   

Practice Self-Care 

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Prepare healthy meals and make sure to drink lots of water. Make physical activity a priority and find exercises you can do at home with no equipment. Also, make sure to carve out time to relax or meditate.  

As we’re all getting used to our new normal, it can be challenging to put things into perspective. This is a time to do your best and support your loved ones. Being separated from the people you care about can be difficult, but we can get through this together. 

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