Peace Naturals Is Closed For Canada Day

Peace Naturals Has Canada Day Pride

Jun 30, 2016

For most of Canada summer is now in full on hot mode, but the dog days of summer haven’t officially started just yet. The lazy days of summer (traditionally July 3rd – August 11) hasn’t commenced, but this Canada Day long weekend is a great time to start maxing your relaxation.

Peace Naturals would like to remind clients our Client Care Department is closed Canada Day July 1st to give our Client Care Representatives an opportunity to kickback with their families to enjoy some BBQ and fireworks.

Turning 149 this year, Canada remains a relatively young nation. The progressive ideas our nation has put forward demonstrate our wonderful youthful-like qualities.

Medical Cannabis access is one of the many reasons to have Canadian pride. Our nation is one of a handful of countries with a full federal legal medical Cannabis program. Canadians can safely travel coast-to-coast with their Peace Naturals products knowing they’ll be treated the same wherever they roam.

Canada’s medicinal Cannabis program isn’t a perfect government system, but it has been operational since 2001. Health Canada MMPR is years ahead of many European nations, such as Germany and Belgium, which have only just begun to consider medical Cannabis for their citizens whole health.

A leader for equality of all citizens, Canada has recognized LGBTQ rights to marry since 2003. Our latest release, Pride celebrates Canadians acceptance and understanding of people’s individual sexual choice. This Peace Naturals medical Cannabis product not only honors the LGBTQ community, but as importantly, living in a nation where all people are accepted equally.

We’ll be donating $1 from every Pride gram sold to The 519 Community Centre. The Peace Naturals community donation will go towards national education and inclusion programs organized by and available through The 519.

Signing up with Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is easier than you think. Get started today!

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