Peace Naturals intends to take care of the Earth and community.

Peace Naturals’ Plans for Off-setting Agricultural Land Development

Oct 1, 2013

Peace Naturals intends to take care of the Earth and community. Therefore, we have implemented plans for a permaculture system; it’s a natural system that works with nature to rejuvenate and perpetuate everything that is derived from the land.

From our berms to the established wetlands and from our planted trees to our organic orchard – our natural systems will provide significant carbon offset for the modern agro-health system in our greenhouses.

In addition, bee-friendly plants like clover, black locust, basswood, apples, pears, peaches, plums, raspberries, strawberries, rosemary, lavender, sunflowers, goldenrod and many other species are beginning to provide a wide array of foods for both honey and wild bees to feed from. Scientists have shown that bee die-off, in part, has resulted from the loss of natural habitat and the diversity of plants that are an essential healthy source of bee food: nectar and pollen. At Peace Naturals we are re-introducing a wide natural diversity of plants across our lands. Furthermore, we are providing customized wooden-blocks as nesting habitat for the solitary bees.

Our permaculture plan has five zones, which include growing crops like salads and herbs, pumpkins and sweet potatoes, and a zone for a main crop like hay. The zone beyond the hay is a semi-wild area used by horses and sheep for grazing. The outer layer or zone 5 encircles the land with trees. Coniferous and deciduous nitrogen-fixing trees are beginning to offer important habitat for birds, a food source for small mammals and necessary thermal cover for the land.

The trees are beginning to create a green barrier delineating Peace Naturals Project’s land from the surrounding bare croplands. In concert with newly created berms and tree lines comprised of a variety of coniferous and deciduous species, these landscape features will offer limited views to the Peace Naturals Project from adjacent lands. This is an intended and proven soft security devise which will compliment the other extensive security features that we have developed.

We have begun to implement our permaculture plan and over the next four years it will roll-out: planting of the organic orchards, a circular herb garden, a vegetable garden and continuing to plant thousands of trees.

At Peace Naturals we are committed to the environment and our permaculture system will benefit the community by re-introducing biodiversity onto the landscape, and planting trees that act as both carbon dioxide warehouses and crucial sources of fresh oxygen.

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