Peaceful DIY: Vertical Garden

Jul 9, 2020 | Nest News

There are many ways to revamp your space with plants, but few offer the beauty and freedom of a vertical garden. Read more and discover how you can add these pieces of living art into your home.

What is a Vertical Garden?
vertical garden indoor

A vertical garden is a small plant structure that is built on a panel and is vertically suspended using hydroponics. These structures can either be free-standing or hung on a wall.

Benefits of Vertical Gardening

  • Added Décor– A vertical garden can be constructed on a panel or frame to be hung up on walls, windows, or doors to be used as art around your home. For apartment owners or office workers, it can add some natural beauty to look at and improve your mood during the day. Here are some visual examples of how a vertical garden can be used to add some décor to your favourite area.
  • Increased Space– Since vertical gardens can be bunched together on a panel, they take up less room in your home than a standard assortment of plants. This is ideal for adding some life to an already cramped situation.
  • Better Air Flow– Having plants indoors can help improve air quality as they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.
  • Shade & Privacy– Placing a vertical garden panel on a window can provide an added source of shade or privacy as opposed to using blinds or curtains.

How to Build a Vertical Garden 
vertical garden on plain wall

One of the most popular types of vertical gardens can be built using wood, similar to a picture frame. Below are some general tips to follow when building your first vertical garden.

  • Choose A Wall– Select an ideal space in your home (or outside of it) for some plant life and then pick the wall that you’d like to spruce up. Check out this list of spots for inspiration.
  • Build a Frame– Frames can be any size you desire so long as they will fit. Watch this video for an example of how to craft your own.
  • Plastic Sheeting– After building your frame, you will need a plastic sheet for the inside of it to help keep water off the wall you’ll be attaching your garden to. Greenhouse plastic can be purchased on Amazon or at most gardening supply stores.
  • Attach the Fabric– You’ll also need a fabric that will keep your plants in place and retain water for them. Some examples of the perfect fabric to use can be found
  • Watering Source– Next, you’ll need to choose a watering source for your vertical garden. Those with experience may suggest a DIY irrigation system, but you can also try an automatic watering kit. Another alternative is to use plastic bottles inside the frame, watering each plant individually.
  • Choose Your Plants– Choose the ideal plants for your space by picking your favourite perennials, succulents, herbs, or shrubs. Check out this list for help if you can’t decide.

    Decorate your home with lush greenery thanks to a beautiful vertical garden. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and share your creations with us!



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