Peace Naturals Donates to the 519 Community Centre

Pride Donation Made To The 519

Dec 14, 2016

The Peace Naturals Project delivered an oversized cheque (and an actual one) to LGBTQ community centre The 519 on Monday December 12. Our financial donation was part of Peace Naturals Pride campaign, which ran during the summer months. A dollar from every gram of Pride sold was donated to the forty year-old community centre, which runs many community based activities.

For example, $110 ensures an LGBTQ refugee is provided with a warm coat and boots. Many of The 519 clients have arrived from warm climates such as Nigeria, Barbados, Bahamas, Uganda, Cameroon and Jamaica and winter is a very new experience. 

Ninety percent of the people The 519 supports are successful in their refugee claim, with many citing the community centre as a positive space in helping to make their transition to life in Canada. Last year, over twenty-five hundred LGBTQ refugees participated in a resettlement workshops and 978 refugees received one-on-one settlement support.

We would like to thank our clients who purchased Pride this summer as part of their adjunct therapy. A donation of $2000 was made to The 519 to assist the centre in their refugee resettlement efforts.

Learn more about The 519 


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