Removing Residual Plant Nutrients

What Is Properly Flushed Cannabis?

Feb 8, 2017

Properly flushed Cannabis is smooth and easy to inhale when vaporized. Flushing is an easy Cannabis grow chore to perform, but it’s time consuming and sometimes a wet one; which means some growers overlook or do it poorly.

Properly flushed Cannabis is a process to remove any residual plant nutrients before the plant is harvested. Regardless of the type of plant nutrients used, it’s exceedingly important to flush the plants to create a smooth flavourful inhale.

When Cannabis isn’t properly flushed, the final product can be harsh and may even cause a burning sensation in your throat. The aromas and flavours could be impacted because the nutrients are still present. When improperly flushed, the residual ash is dark and almost charcoal looking when smoked where properly flushed Cannabis produces a greyish to white colour when smoked, dependent on the rolling papers used.

Many people wrongly believe a smooth inhale comes from organic nutrients, however, these nutrients also need to be flushed from the plant before harvesting. The flush process is the biggest factor in creating an enjoyable cough free product.

We’ve explored the issue of properly flushed Cannabis in a previous NEST post. It’s a simple process whereby we water a Cannabis plant until we get a specific volume of water runoff. The runoff removes residual nutrients in the soil and the plant itself uses up any remaining nutrients before harvesting.

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