What Are Sativa Cannabis Plants?

Sativa Cannabis Plants Explained

Nov 3, 2016

When medical Cannabis patients reference sativa Cannabis, they are often referring to the effects sativa Cannabis creates; energetic, uplifting, or positive mood enhancing. Over the years the word sativa Cannabis has evolved from a description of a plant  species to the potential adjunct therapy the plant may create.

Sativa Cannabis plants originate from southern equatorial regions with longer farming seasons. This has created a very tall lanky Cannabis plant that takes a much longer time to finish  and be ready for harvesting. Compared to an indica Cannabis plant, a Sativa Cannabis plant may take four to six weeks longer to finish.

Southern equatorial regions produced strong sativa Cannabis varieties such as Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, and Maui Wowee.  See Cannabinoid Content of Individual Plant Organs From Different Geographical Strains of Cannabis Sativa L.

Their longer growing season prevented North American growers from growing these varieties. A longer flowering period, their excessive height and other issues kept producers from attempting to grow them indoors. A southern climate plant is incapable of growing outdoors in Northern America, therefore, until recently, most growers produced indica Cannabis or hybrids.

People growing Cannabis in ACMPR should note sativa Cannabis varieties tend to take longer to finish flowering. They may require a warm grow room temperature, higher humidity and may be more challenging to grow if they’re not in their ideal environment.

What Are Sativa Cannabis Plants Characteristics?

  1. Thin pointed leaves.
  2. Tall, stretched potential lanky plant.
  3. Longer Cannabis flowering time.
  4. Airy fluffy dried flowers that are potentially less yielding.

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