How To Talk About the ACMPR & Medical Cannabis

Talking To Friends & Loved Ones About ACMPR

Nov 9, 2016

Talking to friends and loved ones about the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) and how you personally consume medical Cannabis may be something that you’re dreading or looking forward to. Talking to friends and family about ACMPR medical Cannabis is strictly up to your own personal comfort level.

No one outside of your physician needs to know you consume medical Cannabis. You are not required to tell family and friends about how you employ Cannabis as adjunct.

Medical Cannabis consumption is a personal decision.

Some ACMPR clients don’t want their friends and family to know they consume medical Cannabis as an adjunct therapy. They prefer to keep their medical treatment options to themselves.

Despite the incredible amount of knowledge coming to light, Cannabis stigma continues. Cannabis stigmatization was originally used against people who consumed Cannabis to make the hemp plant illegal.

The successful defamation continues to this day. Some Health Canada ACMPR clients are concerned about who knows they consume medical Cannabis – fearful they’ll be stigmatized by friends and loved ones. If your support network is not ready to accept your medical Cannabis consumption, do not push it on them. It’s best to leave some information in your personal vault until such time as you think a friend or loved one are ready to accept.

It takes a great deal of effort to eliminate a stigma.

To eliminate medical Cannabis stigma, people have opened up to friends and family about the ACMPR and their personal use of Cannabis as an adjunct therapy. Their support network was ready to accept their medical Cannabis consumption and support their decision.

For over a decade, chronically ill Canadians have appeared in media outlets explaining how medical Cannabis has benefited them. Their efforts helped remove much of the stigma associated with cannabis and not only created not a welcoming environment, but political action.


5 Tips for Talking to a Loved One about the ACMPR & Medical Cannabis

  1. Choose a relaxing environment. Sit down with them over a cup of tea or coffee and bring it up in conversation. 
  2. Did they watch a medical Cannabis documentary? There’s a plethora of great documentaries on Cannabis, such as the two specials done CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta or Culture High piquing people’s curiosities.
  3. Educate. Be prepared to educate friends and loved ones who have a limited knowledge of Cannabis. This is your opportunity to provide firsthand experiences and information about the ACMPR.
  4. Don’t fret or lose your composure. Calmly explain why you’ve chosen medical Cannabis as an adjunct therapy. Explain the benefits you’ve been receiving from medical Cannabis.
  5. ‘It’s legal’ isn’t the best answer to explain your medical Cannabis decision, but reassure friends and family Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes (ACMPR) is a Health Canada federal program. Only ACMPR patients are legally allowed to possess and consume Cannabis.

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