One On One Plant Care Requires Teamwork

Teamwork Makes Our Cannabis Grow Work

Sep 7, 2016

The Peace Naturals manufacturing team works cohesively to make our Cannabis grow work and when it comes to watering our medicinal Cannabis varieties, we work as a team to make the work go smoothly.

Our team uses a well known team building method, ‘the bucket brigade’ to ensure every time a Cannabis plant is watered they receive 6 to 7 gallons of water. One person begins filling pails from the nutrient reservoir while a second person waters the Cannabis plants.

The amount of water remains consistent every time. Our manufacturing team follows our Standard Operating Procedures when we water because we employ a drain to waste method to ensure a 10 percent runoff every time we water our Cannabis varieties. Having water on the floor is supposed to happen when we water our Cannabis plants – that’s how we know we’re doing a fantastic job.

Over or under watering a Cannabis plant is a serious concern for our master grower. We can guarantee great growth by ensuring the team constantly waters a plant with six or seven gallons of water .

Depending on where the Cannabis plant is in the growth cycle, will determine what nutrient recipe the team will use when watering. If the plant is still in the vegetative phase it receives vegetative nutrients and in flowering mode they receive a different formula to create big healthy flowers. In the final weeks of flowering, a Cannabis plant receives only water; this is known as the flush phase.   

Often, the Peace Naturals employee filling pails will have a six or seven ready to go before the person watering is ready for them as it takes much more time to water the plants than to fill a bucket. At this point both team members will begin watering the plants.

Watch Video: Teamwork Makes The Cannabis Grow Work


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