A step-by-step guide to the lifecycle of the Cannabis plant

The Lifecycle of the Cannabis Plant

Mar 17, 2014

We here at The Peace Naturals Project are continually fascinated by the Cannabis plant and all of the things it can do.  We love to share that passion with our clients so we thought we’d give you a look into how this amazing plant comes to be.


The very first stage of growth for the Cannabis plant is when the seed cracks open and a root is produced. This root will affix itself into the nutrient source and push the seedling out so it can start to sprout tiny leaves and take in light. Once the sprouted plant has pushed out its seed casing entirely, the seedling stage begins.


In this stage the plant will start to develop a few more leaves that will start to look more characteristic of the Cannabis plant. The leaves will develop on the newly formed stem, and though the plant is starting to take shape, it is very weak and sensitive and must be treated with the greatest care.


In this stage the plant will start to grow much more rapidly. The plant will grow upward producing many more leave. The stem will also become much thicker and produce more branches. This more mature phase of the plant is able to take in nutrient from the soil and the light at a much higher rate than in previous stages. It is at the end of this stage that the sex of the plant can be discovered.


In this stage the upward growth of the plant will stall. Nevertheless the plant will start to fill out with more stems and nodes, in preparation for full flowering,


During the flowering stage the plant will start to fill out much more robustly. The buds will mature and bloom on the branches and be near their maximum potency. This is the stage that most of our clients are familiar with, as it is most often shown in the media; understandably so, because it shows this wonderful plant in its full grown glory.

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