How to store and travel Canada with your medical Cannabis.

Travel Canada With Cannabis

May 13, 2016

Planning for your Canadian summer vacation needs to include a plan on how to properly store and travel Canada with your medical Cannabis. While there’s no need to stress about travel Canada with your Peace Naturals products, some planning is required to avoid potential pitfalls.

One of the biggest planning items on your list, like with any prescription medication, is ensuring you have packed enough medical Cannabis for the duration of your visit. Your Client Care Representative would love to hear about your vacation plans and can assist you in planning how much dried Cannabis or Cannabis oil you need to bring with you on your journey.

Please remember, regardless of the reasons, we can’t provide you more medicine than your monthly prescription.

When going on a Canadian vacation you will have to take all your medicinal Cannabis with you. Peace Naturals can not ship our products to a hotel, cottage, campsite or anyplace that isn’t your regular address.

Please ensure when you travel Canada with Peace Naturals products they are always in their original container. Your medical Cannabis is only legal when it’s accompanied by its original packaging. We also suggest you carry the original receipt in your wallet or pocketbook. You do not have to travel with health records of any kind.

For air travel it’s recommended keeping your medical Cannabis with your carry on luggage. This follows Canadian Air Transport Security Authority recommendation on any medications you are traveling with. Do not leave Canada with your Peace Naturals products.

During an airport screening, do not take your Peace Naturals product out. Leave your medical Cannabis in your carry on. Only take out our product if instructed by security personnel. Unless asked about your medicinal Cannabis, do not speak publicly about it or reveal it to airport security or the airline. There’s no need to.

Cannabis discovered during a routine screening is easily explainable and you should be on your way within a half hour. Be polite if asked by airport security about your Peace Naturals product. Airport security come into regular contact with medical Cannabis patients and politeness most likely will have them wave you on your way.

Many have dealt with legal Cannabis often enough it’s not a cause for their concern. However, do not be alarmed if the airport security officer refers the matter to a superior. A police officer may ask to review your Peace Naturals documentation.This police officer may call Peace Naturals to verify your status with us. This can all be accomplished long before you need to board your flight. Remain calm and polite and you won’t miss your flight.

Travelling within Canada with your Peace Naturals products is not stressful when you’ve planned ahead. Cannabis in Canada remains illegal for most, which may require you to speak with someone about your prescription. Be polite and use the opportunity to speak positively about your Cannabis therapy.

Signing up with Health Canada licensed producer Peace Naturals is easier than you think. Get started today!

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